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Paddock Nights: Canadian Grand Prix

The Canadian Grand Prix is a favourite among teams and drivers both on and off-track - and with good reason, as Kate Walker explains.

Analysis: Why F1 shouldn't worry about alcohol sponsorship

F1 has come under renewed pressure to ban alcohol sponsorship, but sponsor decals no longer have the power to influence as they once did, explains Kate Walker.

How Jules Bianchi saved an F1 team

One year on from his superb drive to ninth place in the Monaco Grand Prix, Kate Walker pays tribute to Jules Bianchi and a performance that saved a Formula 1 team from extinction.

Mercedes and Monaco: Is history set to repeat itself?

Monaco was one of the main flashpoints of last year's tussle between Mercedes teammates Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg. Kate Walker asks if there could be more fireworks 12 months on.

Revealed: The true cost of customer cars

The Formula 1 Strategy Group made some wide-ranging decisions last week, including raising the subject of customer cars. Kate Walker reveals the real numbers behind such moves.

Analysis: Paddock Club decline symbolises F1's woes

Insiders reckon that the ultra-exclusive Formula 1 Paddock Club isn't quite what it used to be - a reflection of the state of the sport financially, explains Kate Walker.

Paddock Nights: Spanish Grand Prix

After the opening four flyways, Formula 1's return to Europe brought with it the return of motorhomes, some evening fun and some familiar faces - as Kate Walker explains in her new regular column for

Analysis: How F1 drivers can connect fans to the sport

The Grand Prix Drivers’ Association has promised to reveal a big announcement during the Monaco GP weekend that could herald the dawn of a new era in fan-driver interactivity.

Analysis: Why the budget cap is the answer for F1

Technological freedom on a smaller budget is the perfect solution for Formula 1, says Kate Walker.

Analysis: The politics behind F1's parity engine proposals

Much has been made in recent days of plans to introduce a cheaper 'parity' engine for Formula 1's smaller teams. But there's more to the proposals than first meets the eye, as Kate Walker explains.

Analysis: Why F2 could be Volkswagen's perfect way into F1

Volkswagen boardroom politics seem to have made the Group's entry into Formula 1 more likely, but the in-development F2 series could make an ideal staging post, as Kate Walker explains.

Analysis: Why engines are an easy scapegoat for F1 woes

The current V6 hybrid turbo engines have been blamed for a lot of the problems Formula 1 is having. But that's just a very simplistic view, as Kate Walker explains.

How ‘spec’ can F1 afford to be?

Formula 1 teams spend a fortune designing bespoke parts you can’t see that do the same job as their rivals. But if it was more of spec formula, would it continue to be F1?

Analysis: Red Bull's perfect F1 exit strategy

If Red Bull is serious about its plans to leave Formula 1, Renault quitting the sport first would be the perfect alibi, says Kate Walker.

Why Nico Rosberg is fighting a losing battle

The fight for supremacy at Mercedes is nearly over after three races, argues Kate Walker.

F1's battle for survival: time to adapt or die trying

Formula 1 is facing plenty of challenges right now, from teams struggling for finances to falling TV audiences. But where are the solutions? Kate Walker has some suggestions.

Is the F1 dinosaur heading for extinction?

The WEC is getting rid of grid girls; Formula E is running all-electric cars. What is Formula 1 doing to join the 21st century? Kate Walker wonders...

F1's power vacuum: are lunatics running the asylum?

Formula 1 is operating in something of a power vacuum, and Kate Walker investigates who's got the real authority when it comes to strategic decisions going forwards.

F1 analysis: Ferrari is back! But is it really?

Sebastian Vettel gave Ferrari its first win in nearly two years at Sepang, and he beat the Mercedes on pure pace. But can the Scuderia keep it up in future? Kate Walker investigates...

Is Manor back on the right track at last?

Manor lived up to its promise after its Australian Grand Prix no-show and took to the track in practice at Sepang. Kate Walker takes a closer look at how it all went for the struggling team.

Alonso & McLaren: A study in contradiction

Those who expected the Fernando Alonso-McLaren reunion to be a stormy affair could hardly have predicted that an ill wind would blow so icy, so soon.

How much will we really miss the German Grand Prix?

Friday’s news that neither Hockenheim nor the Nurburgring would stage the German GP in 2015 dismayed many – but not our Kate Walker.

Is this the answer to Formula One's cost crisis?

Kate Walker explains why properly managed technical partnerships and driver development schemes can help F1 in more ways than it realizes.

Why the feel-good factor deserted Manor's resurrection

Despite its best efforts, Manor failed to turn a wheel in Australia, leading to many raised eyebrows – and a stern rebuke from Bernie Ecclestone. The FIA cleared the team of any wrongdoing, but the story is not yet over, as Kate Walker explains.

What now for Sauber after court loss?

Kate Walker analyses Sauber's options after losing its court case against Giedo van der Garde

Courting controversy: is Giedo van der Garde right to chase Sauber?

Drama playing out in the court rooms even before a wheel has turned in Melbourne – Kate Walker investigates a moral dilemma.

Marussia is born again as Manor – to the tune of £30million

The rescue package to save Marussia – and get it back on the grid in time for Melbourne – almost seems too good to be true. Kate Walker investigates.

Band-aids not enough to fix F1's cash problems

Kate Walker explains why Formula One must get serious about cost control, and quickly.

Barcelona Day 4 testing notebook: Grosjean on top as Alonso shunts

Kate Walker is your guide to a team-by-team run-down of what happened on the final day of the first official Formula One test at Barcelona in Spain.

Barcelona Day 3 testing notebook: More glory for Maldonado

Kate Walker is your guide to a team-by-team run-down of what happened on the third day of official Formula One testing at Barcelona in Spain.

Barcelona Day 2 testing notebook: Ricciardo shows Red Bull pace

Kate Walker is your guide to a team-by-team run-down of what happened on the second day of official Formula One testing at Barcelona in Spain.

Barcelona Day 1 testing notebook: Maldonado grabs some glory

Kate Walker is your guide to a team-by-team run-down of what happened on the opening day of official Formula One testing at Barcelona in Spain.

Barcelona test preview: Time for teams to up the pace

Is Ferrari really as quick as the Jerez timesheets suggested? And when will Mercedes reveal its hand? Kate Walker asks the crucial questions.

Where next for Formula One: Can a two-tier system ever work?

Analysing the quandary of a dwindling grid size, and the compromises that will need to be made for customer cars.

Why Formula One has failed to conquer emerging markets

How ill-judged and costly forays into India and Korea show holding a grand prix is no guarantee to success in ‘new’ regions.

Jerez Day 3 testing notebook: Sauber grabs some glory

Kate Walker is your guide to a team-by-team run-down of what happened on the third day of official Formula One testing at Jerez in Spain.

Why Formula One needs to look after the little guys

With only eight teams present in testing at Jerez, Kate Walker asks how Formula One can get its house in order to attract new teams again.

Jerez Day 2 testing notebook: Vettel signs off with fastest time again

Kate Walker is your guide to a team-by-team run-down of what happened on the second day of official Formula One testing at Jerez in Spain.

Jerez Day 1 testing notebook: Vettel and Ferrari start in style

Kate Walker is your guide to a team-by-team run-down of what happened on the opening day of official Formula One testing at Jerez in Spain.

Jerez testing preview

Formula One is about to roar back to life – Kate Walker is your guide for what to look out for.

Ferrari: Talkin’ ’bout a revolution

On the eve of the reveal of its 2015 Formula One challenger, the SF15-T, Kate Walker believes Ferrari’s new team boss wants to rock F1’s world.

Managing expectations at McLaren's Kate Walker looks at the way McLaren is dealing with high expectations with low certainty ahead of 2015.

Ricciardo: 1000bhp 'would be awesome!'

The idea is gaining traction within F1 and is backed by thousands of eager fans.

A look at sponsorship in F1

Think its easy to call up a big corporation to get a big cheque to go racing with? Think again.'s Kate Walker looks at the sponsorship environment in the paddock today.

Williams' pressure to maintain surge in form

With a fantastic 2014 to reflect upon,'s Kate Walker looks at the pressure for Williams to improve, or maintain, their F1 fortunes this season.

Formula One's reasons to celebrate

Although there are a number of issues with the sport right now, there are some positives.

WEC now the championship of choice for manufacturers, not F1

Today, Formula One is no longer the place to be in the eyes of most manufacturers.

The hurdles for Arrivabene as Scuderia Ferrari's new boss

Will he be able to bring Ferrari back to its former glory?

Perrinn developing 2016 F1 cars, but they aren't starting a team

This is one way to get around the strict testing policies the FIA has in place.

Sergio Perez TW Steel exclusive Q&A: "I learned a lot last year"

Sergio Perez discusses the past, present, and future as he looks to end the 2014 season on high note with Force India.

Australian GP at Albert Park ... Why do we bother?

An insightful look at the plethora of issues surrounding the Australian GP, which leads one to ask, why do we bother?

F1 ... An unprofitable venture

Formula One insider Kate Walker gives insight into the financial stability of the current F1 teams.

The end of an era approaches with three-car teams on the horizon

With Caterham falling apart, we are taking one step closer to three-car teams in Formula One.

Whiting wants to 'take the decision to slow down away from the driver'

Jean Todt and Charlie Whiting spoke in a press conference today in Russia.

The random nature of safety vehicles

While Formula One is easily at the safest level its ever been, we look at the randomness of incidents involving the safety vehicle.

Fernando Alonso's next move may not be what you think

Inside the Suzuka paddock, I'm hearing a number of rumors so let's take a look at the realistic possibility of each.

When even money isn’t enough

Pay drivers in F1 have been around since the sport's inception, but is it getting out of hand?

A Formula One GP on the streets of Seoul is a complex situation

Taking a deeper look at the logistics of an F1 race on the streets of South Korea's capital city.