Designing a car: A dream, a profession... the great testimonies

Walter De Silva (Audi, Alfa, VW), Horacio Pagani, Kevin Rice (Pininfarina) and Carsten Monnarjan (Italdesign) tell each other.

Designing a car: A dream, a profession... the great testimonies

Four pioneers, four men who made design on four wheels a real reason for living. Walter De Silva (Audi, Alfa Romeo, VW), Horacio Pagani (Pagani Automobili), Kevin Rice (Pininfarina) and Carsten Monnarjan (Italdesign) come together to talk about the development of new technologies, functionalities and new methods of use. 

These are the central themes of the roundtable "Design" organised for the Motor Valley Fest Digital , in live streaming (here is the program of the event that runs until Sunday 17 May and instructions to follow it online).

Creativity and new technologies

The roundtable, moderated by Alessandro Lago, Head of Italy, explores technological trends and their influence on the evolution of style. It also addresses the issue of digitization and the impact it has on the creative process.

World famous designer and "dad" of some of the most beautiful and famous cars of all time "our" Walter De Silva has given birth to numerous models such as the Alfa Romeo 156, the sixth and seventh generation Volkswagen Golf and the Audi R8 (just to give some examples).

Horacio Pagani, among the "hosts" in the Motor Valley and founder of the House that bears his name, is the pencil behind masterpieces such as Zonda and Huayra, the culmination of a career made of other immortal projects such as the Lamborghini Diablo , whose team of design has been part.

A globetrotter like Kevin Rice, who has been in charge of Pininfarina 's design for some months and with a background in Mazda (where he won a Red Dot Award for the Mazda MX-5 ND) or Carsten Monnarjan, who has long been part of the Volkswagen Group ( for which he oversaw the interior design of numerous cars of the brand) and then landed - just over a year ago - at the head of Italdesign.

The message of professionals to tomorrow's talents

The advice of design gurus to young people who approach this world is "be humble and modest, do not rush to arrive, behind every success there are a hundred disappointments. So arm yourself with pencil and lots of patience".

Horacio Pagani: "The mission of design is to improve the quality of life and our job is to understand what the needs of men and people are so that we can, with our creativity, make life more comfortable and exciting. We must ensure that design can feed a dream. The designer also talks about the work that is done in the interior: A premium machine is lived a lot in the interior: we have worked in the past on chromotherapy and aromatherapy to create unique environments."

Walter de Silva: "We need to have an enthusiastic approach to design to feed a dream. I believe that after this crisis we should regain a more 'analogical' point of view for our life. We need to move and it is not a question of making ourselves dedicated to wellness but I'm talking about the need to have more time for us. I see a use of digital, surely, in the near future, but that is aimed at other disciplines such as privacy, hygiene, empathy and rationality without ever betraying the ethical and aesthetic project of beauty. Behind a good design, be it analog or digital, it is important that there is a great designer."

Carsten Monnerjan (Italdesign): "In this period, design has not stopped. We have continued to work and we have been able to observe the passion of those who work, even remotely, remotely. But certainly for our work a direct approach to the customer and his needs. Digital can still help us to better explain the product. Thanks to technology, it is possible today to sit on board, wear smart glasses and see the surrounding environment in order to make decisions and apply changes faster. "

Kevin Rice (Pininfarina): "To design iconic cars you have to start from a job that is not only aesthetic, but also respects the technologies. You must also focus on the driver, in this regard we have always built a strong relationship with the leaders and with the owners of the companies to create iconic cars. This has allowed Pininfarina to gain confidence to the point of being able to influence, perhaps, even the technical aspect. This is the secret to create a timeless, timeless, focused on craftsmanship: cars created with a unique and exceptional vision."

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