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Huge crash rocks Bathurst qualifying

Feb 1, 2020, 2:36 AM

Qualifying for the Bathurst 12 Hour was rocked by a huge crash across Skyline.

The incident started when Cameron McConville (#6 Wall Lamborghini) tagged the back of the #777 Triple Eight Mercedes, sending Sam Shahin into the wall on the right before the car fired across to the left-hand side of the road.

Nick Percat and Chaz Mostert, next on the scene, were lucky to miss the stricken Mercedes. Tyler Everingham was less lucky, his Marc II sustaining heavy damage after he clipped Shahin and hit the wall on the way into the Dipper.

Both Shahin and Everingham were able to walk away from their respective wreckages, although there have been reports that Everingham has since been taken to hospital due to a leg injury.

Triple Eight boss Roland Dane slammed McConville for his part in the crash, suggesting the former Supercars regular "should've retired years ago."

"No idea what the impact is like to be honest, I’m more concerned with firstly how Sam is right now," said Dane. "He got out of the car, looked to be a bit winded.

"Then the next thing is the idiot who took him out, McConville, who should’ve retired years ago – and that shows it."

McConville, while remorseful, countered that Shahin hit the brakes at the worst possible moment.

"I feel sorry for Sam, he’s a great guy, I honestly didn’t mean to touch him," he said.

"I went to go under at the Grate, I had my flashes on and he turned across, so I got out of it, I didn’t want to make contact. Then we came out of Skyline and as I went left to pass him he just hit the brakes.

"At first I thought ‘why are you brake testing me’, so I went to go left, he went left, I went to go right, he went right and touched the brakes and unfortunately I just touched the back of him.

"I feel absolutely terrible for those guys, I feel sick in my stomach and I didn’t mean to touch him. Just that little dab of the brakes.

"Roland is a much more powerful guy than me in pitlane these days, so for sure I’ll go up and apologise sincerely. I honestly didn’t mean to touch him, if he hadn’t touched the brakes... I guess he zigged, I zagged."

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Bathurst 12 Hour: Crashes cut final practice short

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Bathurst 12 Hour: Crashes cut final practice short

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