How CUPRA's electric racer can surprise in a straight line

In a drag race between a combustion-powered GT and an electric car, which do you think would have the edge? Watch this video to see the outcome.

Many motorsport fans are reluctant to embrace electric racing, with a common complaint against such competitions as the FIA ETCR – eTouring Car World Cup being its lack of sound. Traditionally, car racing has always been characterized by the sound of loud, high-revving engines and the unmistakable smell of petrol in the air. But times are changing. Technologies are evolving, and the mindset of consumers must start shifting towards living more sustainably to allow our passion for racing, cars, and speed to go unthreatened.

The first time you see an electric car race, you are surprised from the outset. There's no engine noise, true, but the buzz and brutal acceleration mean the lack of your favorite sound can be forgiven. These are cars that are still near the beginning of their evolutionary cycle, with years of innovation ahead in batteries, autonomy, weight, and dynamic behavior. And with brands like CUPRA - developers of the eRacer that won the inaugural FIA ETCR title in 2021 - conducting exhaustive research and development work, there are sure to be many more surprises in future EV competition.

One of the most impressive traits of an electric vehicle, whether configured for racing or road use, is its acceleration. Motors and batteries provide instant torque, with power transferred to the ground much faster than a combustion engine can manage. To demonstrate the power and acceleration of CUPRA's official FIA ETCR car, the 680hp CUPRA eRacer was put on the track at the Zolder circuit in Belgium to compete in a drag race against a 720hp Ferrari 488 Pista car.

The final result of the challenge can be seen in the video. Who will prevail?

Tech specs

  Ferrari 488 Pista CUPRA e-Racer
Transmission Rear-wheel Rear-wheel
Maximum power 720 bhp 720 bhp/ 500 kW
Maximum torque 770 Nm 960 Nm
Top speed 340 km/h 270 km/h
Acceleration 0-100 km/h 2.8s 3.2s
Weight 1,385 kg 1,575 kg

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