Ferrari's latest F1 floor tweaks revealed in Japan

Ferrari has, over the course of the last few races, evaluated the merits of the updated floor that it originally introduced at Formula 1's French Grand Prix but has tweaked a few times since.

Ferrari F1-75 sidepods comparison

Given the floor was intended to be run slightly differently, from a setup perspective, prior to the introduction of the technical directive at the Belgian Grand Prix, Ferrari had to understand if it still offered more performance than its previous configuration under the new operating conditions.

The floor has been updated for the Japanese Grand Prix, but continues along the same development path.

Changes have been made to the floor strakes, the design of the underfloor and undoubtedly the flexibility of certain points on the floor due to the repositioning of the metal floor stay.

Ferrari F1-75 new floor detail
Ferrari F1-75 old floor detail

Having been previously stretched out across to the outer section of the floor, the metal stay has been shortened and is mounted on the ramped section of the floor just inboard.

This will obviously provide more autonomy to the section of the floor ahead of the rear tyre and allow the team to use that flexibility to increase aerodynamic performance.

Meanwhile, at the front of the floor, the team has also made changes to the shape of the outer floor fence, with a larger cutout employed (dotted green line, old specification inset for comparison).

It also appears that the length of the bib, the splitter and the bib wing, along with its orientation, have all been altered as part of the update.

Ferrari F1-75 floor fence comparison

Ferrari F1-75 floor fence comparison

Photo by: Uncredited

These changes will obviously have an impact on the local flow structures and mitigate any ride height sensitivity issues that have arisen since the Belgian Grand Prix.

But, more importantly, it changes how the airflow is set up downstream.

It's here where we're unable to show the changes, as they reside beneath the floor and are out of our view.

But should the Scuderia be following the development trajectory we've seen others take in recent races, it's likely that the update will look to enhance the performance of the ice skate solution.

Other teams have been adding ridges to the underfloor in close proximity to the ice skate, in order to further enhance its aerodynamic capabilities and find additional performance from the underfloor tunnels and the diffuser.

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