Grand Prix race results: Hamilton wins wild Russian F1 GP

Lewis Hamilton won the Russian Grand Prix for Mercedes at Sochi on Sunday, the 100th F1 victory of his career, as a late downpour cost McLaren’s Lando Norris his first-ever GP win.

Grand Prix race results: Hamilton wins wild Russian F1 GP

The race was decided in the closing stages, with Norris going for his first win and Hamilton aiming for his century, but the result was ultimately determined by rain and pit strategy. Hamilton pitted for intermediates as it began to drizzle, while Norris stayed out on slicks – but a downpour ruined Norris’s gamble.

Hamilton eased past him to win the race, ahead of Red Bull’s Max Verstappen, who drove from the back of the grid to second place, with Ferrari's Carlos Sainz completing the podium having led early on.

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2021 Russian Grand Prix race results

Cla Driver Laps Time
1 United Kingdom Lewis Hamilton
53 1:30'41.001
2 Netherlands Max Verstappen
53 1:31'34.272
3 Spain Carlos Sainz Jr.
53 1:31'43.476
4 Australia Daniel Ricciardo
53 1:31'46.608
5 Finland Valtteri Bottas
53 1:31'48.534
6 Spain Fernando Alonso
53 1:32'02.322
7 United Kingdom Lando Norris
53 1:32'08.225
8 Finland Kimi Raikkonen
53 1:32'09.956
9 Mexico Sergio Perez
53 1:32'11.077
10 United Kingdom George Russell
53 1:32'21.552
11 Canada Lance Stroll
53 1:32'27.199
12 Germany Sebastian Vettel
52 1:30'42.256
13 France Pierre Gasly
52 1:31'17.819
14 France Esteban Ocon
52 1:31'30.744
15 Monaco Charles Leclerc
52 1:31'38.660
16 Italy Antonio Giovinazzi
52 1:32'03.513
17 Japan Yuki Tsunoda
52 1:32'22.488
18 Russian Federation Nikita Mazepin
51 1:30'57.024
19 Canada Nicholas Latifi
47 1:21'01.414
Germany Mick Schumacher
32 55'42.175

How the Russian Grand Prix unfolded

In dry conditions, but with rain threatening, first-time F1 pole starter Norris led through Turn 1 as George Russell’s Williams initially passed Sainz off the line, but Sainz repassed him and then outbraked Norris for the lead at Turn 2. Russell held third, as Hamilton dropped to seventh behind Lance Stroll (Aston Martin), Fernando Alonso (Alpine) and Daniel Ricciardo (McLaren).

Ricciardo charged past Alonso on the back straight to grab fifth on the opening lap. From the back of the grid, Verstappen immediately gained three places.

Hamilton passed Alonso for sixth, while his teammate Valtteri Bottas (who took an engine penalty) rose to 14th, with Verstappen on his tail.

Sainz and Norris pulled clear of their pursuers and battled out front, as Verstappen passed Bottas on Lap 7. He then overtook Gasly and Leclerc, although had a huge moment attacking the latter – worrying Verstappen that he’d damaging his front wing.

Norris passed Sainz for the lead on the back straight on Lap 13, as Stroll pitted from fourth to switch from mediums to hards. That triggered a raft of early pitstops, as Russell pitted from third but rejoined behind Stroll.

Sainz pitted from second on Lap 15, with a sticky left-rear wheel that cost him time, while Verstappen passed Vettel and was now into the points.

McLaren gave up its 1-2 as Ricciardo pitted from second but, despite a fast wheel change, he wasn’t released and dropped him behind Sainz, Stroll and Russell. That elevated Hamilton to second, 12s in arrears of Norris but 2s ahead of Perez, Alonso, Verstappen (who was complaining that his tyres were dead) and Leclerc.

Hamilton pitted on Lap 27 after suffering a lockup, ditching his mediums for hards, with Verstappen also coming in on that tour to switch from hards to mediums. Hamilton rejoined behind Sainz and Stroll, with Verstappen blending in between Ricciardo and Russell.

Norris was triggered into making his pitstop too, rejoining fourth behind Perez, Alonso and Leclerc, who were all yet to stop. Hamilton passed Sainz at Turn 2 on Lap 30 for a net second place and was nine seconds behind Norris at this point.

Ricciardo passed Stroll for net fourth, with Verstappen doing likewise up to fifth a few corners later. Norris lost time battling past the long-running Leclerc for third, allowing Hamilton to close the gap to within 5s. Then he was further delayed by Alonso, which allowed Hamilton to get within 3s.

Perez pitted from the lead but suffered a slow stop and dropped to fifth, behind Norris, Hamilton, Sainz and Ricciardo. Despite a slow pitstop, the fresh-tyred Alonso managed to get ahead of Verstappen at Turn 2 sixth.

In the closing stages, Hamilton closed in on DRS range of Norris, just as spots of rain began to fall. Perez passed Ricciardo for fourth with eight laps to go.

Norris ran wide at Turn 5 as the rain intensified but just held on from Hamilton, as Perez passed Sainz for third. Norris had a second off-track excursion but stayed out. Stroll and Vettel collided and continued. Later, Stroll spun off following a clash with Pierre Gasly that he was penalised for.

Hamilton, Sainz, Ricciardo and Verstappen all pitted for intermediates with three laps to go, as did most of the pack. Hamilton was 25s behind the leader, as Norris stayed out. But heavy rain ruined Norris’s gamble, and Hamilton passed Norris for the lead as Norris slid helplessly off the track.

Verstappen moved up to second on inters, as Norris slithered back to the pits for intermediates, going off after entering the pitlane, briefly rejoining the track, but avoiding a penalty to rub salt into his wounds. Leclerc went off, dropping to 15th.

Hamilton beat Verstappen to the finish 53s, with Sainz third from Ricciardo, Bottas, Alonso, Norris, Kimi Raikkonen (Alfa Romeo), Perez and Russell.

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2021 Formula 1 Russian Grand Prix fastest laps

Cla Driver Laps Time Gap Interval km/h
1 United Kingdom Lando Norris
39 1'37.423 216.096
2 United Kingdom Lewis Hamilton
43 1'37.575 0.152 0.152 215.760
3 Finland Valtteri Bottas
31 1'38.216 0.793 0.641 214.352
4 France Pierre Gasly
35 1'38.279 0.856 0.063 214.214
5 Netherlands Max Verstappen
28 1'38.396 0.973 0.117 213.959
6 Spain Fernando Alonso
44 1'38.686 1.263 0.290 213.331
7 Monaco Charles Leclerc
45 1'38.994 1.571 0.308 212.667
8 Italy Antonio Giovinazzi
39 1'39.058 1.635 0.064 212.530
9 Australia Daniel Ricciardo
24 1'39.124 1.701 0.066 212.388
10 Mexico Sergio Perez
45 1'39.215 1.792 0.091 212.193
11 Germany Sebastian Vettel
44 1'39.251 1.828 0.036 212.116
12 Spain Carlos Sainz Jr.
40 1'39.294 1.871 0.043 212.024
13 Japan Yuki Tsunoda
42 1'39.960 2.537 0.666 210.612
14 Canada Nicholas Latifi
42 1'40.000 2.577 0.040 210.528
15 Germany Mick Schumacher
22 1'40.276 2.853 0.276 209.948
16 Finland Kimi Raikkonen
34 1'40.289 2.866 0.013 209.921
17 Canada Lance Stroll
35 1'40.464 3.041 0.175 209.555
18 United Kingdom George Russell
40 1'40.596 3.173 0.132 209.280
19 France Esteban Ocon
34 1'40.598 3.175 0.002 209.276
20 Russian Federation Nikita Mazepin
24 1'41.713 4.290 1.115 206.982
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