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The impressive number behind Hulkenberg's F1 race return

The impressive number behind Hulkenberg's F1 race return


Nico Hulkenberg was on for a strong result in the 70th Anniversary GP before a late stop for safety reasons rather ruined that scenario. But, along with his spectacular qualifying, he showed something that should keep him in the frame for another F1 return.

Something had to have gone badly wrong for any driver to have had the soft Pirelli tyres fitted to their car during the 70th Anniversary Grand Prix.

The red-walled rubber was so fragile the Mercedes drivers discarded it for their final runs in Q3, preferring to have their tyres still delivering satisfactory grip come final turns of the Silverstone lap. These were not tyres to try and race on, despite the coronavirus cost-saving rules meaning all drivers had eight sets of them going into the weekend.


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