What difference did F1's fastest pitstops of 2022 make?
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What difference did F1's fastest pitstops of 2022 make?


While a quick pitstop can make all the difference to the outcome of a Formula 1 race, most team managers say consistency is more important than pure speed. MATT KEW analyses the fastest pitstops from last season to see which ones – if any – made a genuine impact

Pit crews relentlessly rehearse their craft. After all, it's far more logical for teams to save 0.5s every time the tyres need changing rather than risk a prang by asking their driver to find that time on track. But are these practice efforts in vain, or can the slickest of stops define somebody's day?

We've rated the fastest stops from 2022 according to the impact they had on the driver's race, where one signifies no meaningful difference and 10 denotes game-changing transformation. The spread of results certainly shows speed isn't everything…


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