Why Hamilton isn't finished with F1 just yet
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Why Hamilton isn't finished with F1 just yet


Losing out on last year's Formula 1 drivers' title in Abu Dhabi, and the circumstances surrounding it, cast a shadow over the winter months for Lewis Hamilton. Yet despite that, and the challenges of the troubled Mercedes W13 this season, the seven-time champion is determined to keep going as he approaches his forties...

Partisanship is fundamental to all sport, for there is such an enormous thrill to be had in supporting a team through its highs and lows. The acrimony that's hung over Formula 1 since the 2021 title decider in Abu Dhabi has also typified how draining and toxic these allegiances can be.

Eleven months after that event, Red Bull finally learning of its fate for exceeding the cost cap last season and, rightly or wrongly, boycotting Sky Sports during the recent Mexican Grand Prix after declaring the broadcaster to be 'sensationalist', ensures that the controversy has not dissipated. But for the good of the entire motorsport community and its audience, at some point the time must surely come to definitively move on. One person at the very centre of the saga, someone who has a right to feel particularly aggrieved, is adamant he's done just that.


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