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Zandvoort holding back data from F1 teams

Zandvoort holding back data from F1 teams
Co-author: Ronald Vording, Writer

Zandvoort chiefs are holding back on releasing all their track data to teams in a bid to try to stop them being too prepared for the Dutch Grand Prix event.

Formula 1 teams put an incredible effort in to pre-event preparations for races in terms of computer and driving simulations in a bid to try to perfect the set-up they need before the track action begins.

But in the hope of making things a bit more unpredictable for the return of the Dutch GP, has learned that Zandvoort architects Dromo are limiting the amount of information teams can get to only essential data.

Zandvoort sporting director Jan Lammers said about Dromo chief Jarno Zaffelli: "Of course Jarno has a lot of detailed data from Dromo's own simulations.

"But all modern F1 teams work scientifically, so if he gives all the data to them they will enter it into their simulator programmes in no time. That is exactly what we don't want to happen.

"So what he gives them is very limited. We want drivers to go out on the track during Friday practice to find the best possible set-up. So that is a bit of old school racing and makes the weekend probably a bit unpredictable."

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As well as the lack of information making life more difficult for teams, Lammers hopes it will spice things up for drivers too.

"It will be a bit of a challenge for them," he added. "He [Jarno] absolutely doesn't want them to have too much information beforehand, so they can do a lot of preparatory work in the simulator.

"He basically wants teams to find out everything during Friday practice sessions. Maybe that could make the weekend a bit more exciting."

Lammers said he hoped the situation would mean more track action for fans on Friday, as teams will be forced to do more learning there.

"Normally Formula 1 teams are a bit cautious during Friday practices, to save tyres for the rest of the weekend," he said. "But I think Formula 1 drivers will drive even more laps on Friday than during the race on Sunday, because of the new track.

"Everyone will be out on track pretty early in FP1. They will have to make the most of Friday practices to gather information for the best possible setup on Saturday and Sunday."

Construction work is well underway at Zandvoort to bring the track up to F1 standard, as well as complete the banked Turn three and final corner.

And with the design of the last turn becoming a reality, Lammers said that it is going to look even better than he imagined.

"The Luyendyk corner will be a bit more spectacular than we initially thought," he said. "That is because this corner will be two metres higher than before.

"It means drivers will go a bit downhill when they enter the main straight. These differences in height make it even better for Formula 1 drivers."

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