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Promoted: Huslig Collective's pride of the F1 paddock

Speed is at the heart of everything in F1, from the total commitment of a qualifying lap, to blink-of-the-eyes reactions off the start line, to instinctive wheel-to-wheel racing where vital decisions taken in milliseconds make the difference between winning and losing. Huslig Collective, based in Austin Texas, USA, understands that need for speed, which is why the company time and again proves the perfect partner for race teams, not just in F1 but all over the world, from DTM to NASCAR.

Promoted: Huslig Collective's pride of the F1 paddock

Beyond the circuits, speed drives every aspect of paddock life, whether it be a crucial decision on a front wing design to cutting a multi-million-dollar deal to sign a driver or new sponsor. And anyone who enters this ultra-competitive realm must always keep the pace. Company president Mark Huslig understands that, thanks to his expertise gained over 24 years of exclusive VIP design work at the highest level.

That knowledge is why Huslig Collective was the obvious choice when the new owners of the Racing Point F1 team set a challenge for its fresh start in grand prix racing in 2019. The project? To commission a functional and impressive team mobile unit for the European F1 races that made a clear statement of the owners' commitment for the long haul. Time was short. But tight deadlines are Huslig Collective's speciality, which is why the company didn't hesitate to take on the challenge.

The plan was bold: to conceive and build a new unit rather than simply refurbish the current one, to provide dynamic team and guest spaces, to offer the latest in technology and connectivity, faster set-ups and takedowns and to present a new and more dynamic presence in the F1 paddock. It was the last day of November 2018 when the first project meeting was held between Racing Point, Huslig Collective and team transport and rigging provider Roland Eisensohn. The race was on.



Such a project, to match Racing Point's brief on brand identity, functionality, sponsorship needs and flexibility, would usually take at least eight to twelve months. Yet in April 2019, just five months later - 18 weeks - the multi-floor unit was complete and ready for its debut at the Spanish Grand Prix in Barcelona in May.

Just as F1 always demands, Huslig had delivered on time. This company, that specialises in high-end motorhomes and VIP aircraft interiors, shares the values of each F1 team, providing custom solutions for every need: private bespoke motorhomes for drivers, technical trailers, race bases and team hospitality units. When you've successfully delivered for hedge fund managers, fashion moguls, business tycoons and even royal families, working on helicopters to 747 jet airliners, pressure to deliver in F1 is never too much to handle.

The result for Racing Point was a spectacular team space: a three-storey unit built from 19 custom-built containers. The exterior architecture features striking use of full-height insulated glass panels and long ribbon windows, providing excellent views of the paddock. Inside, a sophisticated design hides the container-built aspect perfectly, featuring a palette of contemporary materials. The ground floor provides the main team and guest dining space, seating up to 40, with a large service bar and buffet serving station. There are also areas for press briefings and meetings, a private press team office big enough for eight people and a restaurant-style fully equipped kitchen featuring a large walk-around centre work island.



The first floor is secured for VIP access only, featuring two drivers' suites equipped with private showers and toilets, seating space, closets and physio tables. The spacious VIP office features a circular conference table for eight, a desk for two, lounge seating and two 55" TVs. Completing the floor is a large lounge area with multiple seating and dining groupings, multiple large TVs, and a serving bar.

Then on the roof is a stunning entertainment space, half a fully air-conditioned interior, while the other half is an outdoor patio area that includes adjustable roof louvres and a sliding glass wall to divide the two parts. Fitted here is a large service bar, high bar seating for 30, lounge seating for 12 and a large service pantry and prep space. With fantastic views of the paddock, it's the perfect venue for evening parties, drink receptions and sponsor functions.

Design details include LED daylight panels and accent lighting, including on stairwells, iPad remote-controlled applications and Sky satellite systems, while the unit is made from the best and most suitable materials. Exteriors feature double-paned, insulated, mirror-filmed privacy glass, while interiors include quality Silestone countertops and work surfaces, stainless steel and gunmetal accents throughout and CNC-produced panels for quick construction and easy replacement.

Huslig works with the best to deliver such spaces. The interior constructions and installations were completed by German specialist Werk33, while the custom-built containers were made by Jost. Like F1, this business is a team effort.

That fast work and expertise has come together to provide Racing Point with a space that is the envy of F1 in 2019. Within the exclusive confines of the British Grand Prix paddock, just a stone's throw from the team's base, it promises to be the pride of Silverstone.

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