EUROV8SERIES ready for world-class finale

Germany to host closing rounds of exciting season

EUROV8SERIES ready for world-class finale
#28 FR Competition BMW 550i (e60): Diego Romanini
Diego Romanini
#19 RGA Sportmanship BMW M3 Coupè (e92): Domenico Schiattarella
#10 Motorzone Chevrolet Lumina CR-8: Domenico Caldarola
#18 Romeo Ferraris Srl Mercedes C63 AMG: Max Pigoli

Two historical and particularly selective tracks are set to host the EUROV8SERIES dash for the finish. The second also hosted 33 Formula 1 Grand Prix races (the 2014 is coming this weekend) and the EUROV8SERIES will back there after fourth years. Last time around, a CAAL Racing Mercedes cruised to win both races.

Germany is world-level, like the EUROV8SERIES. The FG GROUP promoted championship is ready for a double German challenge for the two remaining rounds of the season at Sachsenring (September 21st) and Hockenheim (October 5th).

The series will be at its first run at Sachsenring. The 3.671m of the track are made for pure adrenaline. A circuit that is also well-known to the motorbike fans.

“There is going to be a great crowd and an unique atmosphere” - Diego Romanini is looking forward to the rounds with enthusiasm. The Tuscany-based ban, who is entering the EUROV8SERIES with a Mercedes fielded by CAAL Racing, is a veteran of German Racing. He won a Center European F.3 title in 2003, two Austrian titles in 2001 and 2003 before entering the Nurburgring 24 and the VLN series several times.

“The pairing with the ADAC GT Masters and the ATS Formel 3 Cup, together with the fascinating EUROV8SERIES environment, are a great package and a guarantee of success - says Romanini - Soccer isn't the only sport for Germans and there will be a great stage for motor racing, with an incredibly rich paddock, like always happened in the series”.

“The Sachsenring? For who knows it it's a little Nurburgring - explains the Tuscan racer - A short but particularly technical venue with many ups and downs. While Hockenheim needs no introduction whatsoever. It's like running at Monza for an Italian. It's a cathedral of speed”.

The series will now be entering a 2-month break before getting back on-track for a phenomenal finale in Germany. The EUROV8SERIES top-3 in standings are covered by just 20 points (Nicola Baldan, Francesco Sini and Tomas Kostka) and there are four different brands at the top: Mercedes, Chevrolet, Audi and BMW.


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