Honda Ten10 Racing could collaborate with leading Japanese ARRC team

T-Pro Racing Yuzy NTS Honda Racing’s team owner Yusuke Teshima and top rider Tomoyoshi Koyama discussed on various programme for the future with Honda Ten10 Racing team during its visit to India, earlier this month.

Honda Ten10 Racing could collaborate with leading Japanese ARRC team
Ramji Govindarajan, Ten10 Racing and Yusuke Teshima
Rajiv Sethu
Mithun Kumar
Mathana Kumar; Azhagu Abinesh
Mathana Kumar
Mathan Kumar
Sarath Kumar
Mathana Kumar
Rajiv Sethu
Hari Krishnan
Sarath Kumar
Hari Krishnan
Race 1 SuperSports 600cc winner Tomoyoshi Koyama
Tomoyoshi Koyama
Sarath Kumar
Ramji Govindarajan, Ten10 Racing
Sarath Kumar
Hari Krishnan
Rajiv Sethu

Teshima and Koyama, who came to Delhi for Asia Road Racing Championship’s fifth round at Buddh International Circuit stayed back for the Indian National Championship’s fourth round in Chennai.

The two shared their experiences with the Indian riders competing for Ten10 Racing during the races and also held positive meetings for the development of the riders in the country.

“The top priority of their visit to the National Championship and the team was to understand the level of racing that happens in India,” said Ten10 Racing’s head Ramji Govindarajan to

“As we do not have much coverage and [so] people don’t know what kind of racing happens in India. We also had a great meeting to discuss our long term collaboration, possibilities in training and racing.

“The meeting was fruitful and very encouraging for both and we are currently working on a detailed plan for developing motorcycle racing talent in India,” he revealed.

Teshima and Koyama spent valuable time with the academy riders between October 8 and 12, overlooking as to how they prepare for the races and give tips for the individual's improvements.

“Their stay was mostly casual and observatory and not for any specific training sessions,” cleared Govindarajan.

“At the circuit they were of great help and both shared some key tips in riding and some racing etiquette for [our] young riders to learn.

“We are planning training sessions in collaboration with them for all Ten10 Racers in the future both in India and Japan,” he added.

Academy riders get valuable tips

Three of the top Ten10 Racing riders were delighted to have the current ARRC Supersport 600cc category leader Koyama in their midst.

ARRC’s Asia Dream Cup category rider Hari Krishnan said: "I got tips from them and they pointed out the mistakes I make [while riding], which I should correct,” he started.

“[The] initial recommendation from both of them was to adjust the clip-on position to much more wider than what I had kept. This will help me to handle the bike much easily."

Revealing further into the session, Krishnan added: “They took a video of me riding in one of the corners and showed me alongside the video of Koyama.

“Among the things that I need to improve is my upper body position and also the way I used the engine braking and my braking point.

“After the races Teshima guided me with correct body position and my looking point as to where I look into when I am right in the corner,” he added.

“Overall, it was a great experience to get tips from Koyoma and Yusuke which will obviously help me to perform well in future races.”

The second ADC rider Rajiv Sethu also hailed their presence. “It was great help for me to take my riding to the next level.

“They were so helpful seeing my riding from each corner and finding each weakness of mine,” he said.

“I changed my riding in a smooth way and learnt from Koyama, who imparted his experience [of me] on each corner.

“I learnt the way of discipline and found great confidence in me. I will now utilise their tips in practice and improve myself,” he added.

Koyama’s 600cc teammate Sarath Kumar though couldn't ride due to injury, but was present to hear from the duo.

“Despite my injury I had a great session with Koyama who gave me a lot of insight in my riding and injury recovery specially.

“It is a great boost when someone with experience such as his believes in me and guides me,” he said.

Finally, Ten10's Govindarajan was happy that they could host highly experienced campaigners to help the young Indian riders.

"We are always learning from the leaders in racing and for sure Japan has a great history of racing and Teshima and Koyama bring a lot of their experience into our team," he said.

"They were very excited with the way we operate and our professional approach not to mention the dedication of our riders.

"They were very much surprised by the training program that we conduct through HTRA and appreciated our approach of training."

Teshima hopes for a brighter future

Former Moto2 class rider Teshima, who owns the ARRC 600cc category team, was equally thrilled to be able to meet the Indian team and riders.

"I am really glad to be able to meet Ten10 racing and HMSI. It is three years ago that I met them for the first time," he said.

"It's good to see Sarath race in 600cc class. Although India's premier class has smaller bikes currently, but certainly bigger bikes in future will bring more popularity.

"The passion for their race is genuine. I aim to go for the World Grand Prix with Ten10 racing in the near future."

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