Rock Island Grand Prix report

ROCK ISLAND, Illinois -- East and west drivers met head on as is usually the case at the Rock Island Grand Prix professional kart races, with drivers from both coasts as well as the Midwest taking home some of the $25,000 purse. Presenting sponsors ...

Rock Island Grand Prix report

ROCK ISLAND, Illinois -- East and west drivers met head on as is usually the case at the Rock Island Grand Prix professional kart races, with drivers from both coasts as well as the Midwest taking home some of the $25,000 purse. Presenting sponsors of the races are Ameritech and Iowa Illinois Taylor Insulation.

Alan Rudolph of Arizona added to his ranking as the top gearbox driver in the country by retaining the crown for the Superkarts! USA King of the Streets race sponsored by the Bob Bondurant Super Kart School. Rob Thurman of California claimed the Ameritech Formula S2 125cc shifter title.

Meanwhile Bermuda's Jason North won the Jumer's Casino Rock Island 2-cycle Controlled Super Stock class and Justin Gumley of New Jersey won the Iowa Illinois Taylor Insulation 4-cycle Stock Medium title representing the east.

Geographically speaking, it was the Midwest that came out on top lead by a local driver, Michael Welsh of Davenport, Iowa, who won three classes for the day in what may be his swan song for kart racing. He expects to move to cars next season.

Another local driver, Michael Dittmer, also of Davenport, won the 4- cycle Junior II class sponsored by Rieken's Racing. Todd Bolton, Rod Stewart, Ryan Cassity and Jason Birdsell, all of Illinois, and Dan Roe of Minnesota, added their names to the list of Rock Island Grand Prix winners.

"Every year I've been hoping and praying for a local guy to be in this spot right now, and it just blows my mind that I'm the one in this position right now," Welsh said at the end of the day.

Welsh joins the nationally-known pair of Jason Birdsell and Eric Jones as the only competitors to win more than two classes in the same year at Rock Island.

"That's some pretty good company, huh?" Welsh said, sounding impressed to be associated with Birdsell (six Rock Island victories in 1998) and Jones (four in 1996). "Joining those guys is like putting my face up on Mount Rushmore.

"My dream, ever since I started racing six years ago, was to win just one race here, and now I've done it three times. What an awesome feeling. This is the greatest day of my life."

It was a pretty good afternoon, too, for Arizona's Alan Rudolph.

The three-time Rock Island Grand Prix winner reclaimed the King of the Streets crown and $2,000 top prize in the final race of the day, the 30-lap feature for Formula S1 125cc Shifters.

Using the same motor Rudolph used two years ago to set the track record in winning the event feature, Colorado's Ron White blazed to a 33.591-second lap halfway through the King of the Streets.

However, White wound up wiping out 19 laps from the finish while riding Rudolph's bumper, hoping the top-ranked shifter kart driver in the country would make a mistake.

Without the polesitter to challenge him, Rudolph cruised to a 13- second victory over Bobby

Wilson, the 19-year-old phenom that claimed Formula S1's first leg of the Triple Crown of Kart Racing -- the Long Track Nationals -- earlier this summer. The King of the Streets was the second leg put on by Superkarts! USA.

Thurman won his second straight leg in the series in the Formula S2 Shifters.

Third in the feature was Joe Janowski, crowned the first "King" back in 1998 thanks to a photo-finish victory over Rudolph, who successfully defended the crown he won last year in Quincy.

"This one means more," said Rudolph. "Not only is it special to come back and win at this event, I did it against a better field than I did last year at Quincy.

"Plus, this helps me in the national rankings according to Shifter Kart Illustrated. I was holding a narrow lead before this race, so it was important for me to win this one."

Sunday's racing started under "wet" conditions after early morning showers, but the track was ruled "dry" by the beginning of the features. The racing was fast with four new lap-records established, including a new track record.

The other fast-lap records set Sunday included 4-Cycle Medium class by Indiana's Robby Smith, 39.159, 2-Cycle Controlled Super Stock by Bermuda's North, 35.948, and 80cc Shifter by Minnesota's Noah Roe, 35.673.

Eight other racers also sped past the old marks in their classes Sunday, including five in the 80cc Shifters and three in the Formula S1 King of the Streets.

The only event which ran slower than Saturday's qualifying was the first race of the day, the Zimmerman Pontiac Cadillac Oldsmoible Honda-sponsored Yamaha Heavy class. It was the first race to be run after the course was delcared dry.

Bolton, who won that race, said that field's slow speeds were due to extra caution, with drivers expecting a slick and slower track. Happily, they discovered differently, he said.

<pre> Rock Island Grand Prix Sunday's finals

Note: Listed by position, driver, hometown, state and time. In fields with more than 30 entrants, the top 25 advanced while the rest of the field competed for the remaining five qualifying spots in Sunday morning consolation races (also listed here). All races 12 laps except the 30-lap King of the Streets, the 20-lap S2, 15-lap 80cc shifter and the 10-lap junior class.

Yamaha Heavy Sponsored by Zimmerman Pontiac, Cadillac, Oldsmobile, Honda

Place Name Hometown Time

1. Bolton, Todd Bowen, Ill. 8:20.386

2. Birdsell, Jason St. Joseph, Mo. 8:21.857

3. Otto, Rich Marshalltown, Iowa 8:25.190

4. Loy, Chad Bryant, Ind. 8:25.280

5. Williams, Kevin Davenport, Iowa 8:34.661

6. Russo, Chris Louisville, Ky. 8:34.989

7. Hall, Dave Clive, Iowa 8:45.000

8. Otto, Jacob Marshalltown, Iows 8:45.836

9. Rursch, Shannon Clinton, Iowa 8:47.651

10. Ewers Jason Fishers Ind. 8:49.913

11. Miller, Garrick Plainfield, Ind. 8:52.002

12. Newman, Don Milan, Ill. 8:52.078

13. Peterson, Chad Bettendorf, Iowa 8:52.469

14. Smith, Scott Independence, Iow 8:59.469

15. Critchett, Lamont Chicago Hts., Ill. 8:59.644

16. Simpson, Gary Osage Beach, Mo. 8:59.840

Did not finish - 17, Kris Wentink, Bettendorf, Iowa (out on lap 11). 18, Adam Ellis, Grabill, Ind. (out on lap 9). 19, Curtis Hoegner, East Moline, Ill. (out on lap 8). 20, Jason Quinn, Hampton, Ill. (out on lap 7). 21, Lee Thomas, Prescott Valley, Ariz. (out on lap 4). 22, Tibor Ujj, Ontario, Canada (out on lap 3). 23, Ryan Gutile, Westland, Mich. (out on lap 4) 24, Stephen Kammerer, Blue Grass, Iowa (out on lap 2).

Fastest lap - Jacob Otto, 37.353

Top qualifier - Jason Birdsell, 37.272.

80cc Shifter

Sponsored by Iowa Illinois Taylor Insulation

1. Roe, Dan Minnetonka, Minn. 14:12.208

2. Champagne, Matt Ontario, Canada 14:12.909

3. Kettlewell, Jonathan 14:13.678

4. Hamble, Scott Indianapolis, Ind. 14:16.061

5. Loy, Chad Bryant, Ind. 14:20.317

6. Quintanilla, Rodrigo Laredo, Tex. 14:34.286

7. Lehr, Kent Des Moines, Iowa 14:38.613

Did not finish - 8, Noah Roe, Chanhassen, Minn. (out on lap 8). 9, Travis Roberts, Denver, Colo. (out on lap 9). 10, John Roper, Tulsa, Okla. (out on lap 8). 11, Brian Kupper, Columbus, Ohio (out on lap 6). 12, Tim Blaney, Ypsilanti, Mich. (did not start).

Disqualified - Stuart Lehr, Des Moines, Iowa (ignoring blue flag); Brain Kupper, Ohio (ignoring blue flag).

Fastest lap - Noah Roe, 35.673 (new record).

Top qualifier - Dan Roe, 36.155.

4-Cycle Stock Heavy

Sponsored by Ameritech

1. Stewart, Rod Jacksonville, Ill 9:00.938

2. Gumley, Justin Colts Neck, N.J. 9:02.127

3. James, Kellen Beloit, Wis. 9:02.866

4. Riggs, Matt Pevely, Mo. 9:02.898

5. Guerity, Mike Oxford, Mich. 9:03.123

6. Cassity, Ryan Decatur, Ill. 9:04.134

7. Cassity, Justin Decatur, Ill. 9:04.260

8. Lamb, Todd Royal Oak, Mich. 9:05.979

9. McDonald, Sean Rochester, N.Y. 9:10.098

10. Newell, Dan Indianapolis, Ind. 9:11.364

11. Dickson, Billy West Decatur, Penn. 9:11.657

12. Paulson, Kenneth Beloit, Wis. 9:13.251

13. Birdsell, Jason St. Joseph, Ill. 9:13.771

14. Kleman, Scott Tecumseh, Mich. 9:13.959

15. Miller, Shaun Claypool, Ind. 9:14.032

16. Kammerer, Stephan Blue Grass, IA 9:21.873

17. Nordurft, Chris Davenport, Iowa 9:22.132

18. Miller, Jerry Springfield, Ill. 9:23.125

19. Grave, Edwin Quincy, Ill. 9:30.710

20. Pankrantz, Bryce Davenport, IA 9:30.984

21. Simms, Brandon Silvis, Ill. 9:39.619

22. Fulscher, Robert Hillsdale, Ill. 9:42.291

Did not finish - 23, Chris Beamish, Arden Hills, Minn. (out on lap 11). 24, John Grave, Quincy, Ill. (out on lap 10). 25, Mike Clausen, Bettendorf, Iowa (out on lap 5). 26. Brian Kleman, Tecumseh, Mich. (out on lap 4). 27, Michael Worobey, Bridgeview, Ill. (out on lap 3). 28, Jace Reynolds, West Belmar, N.J. (out on lap 2).

Disqualified - Brian Mosher, Rochester, N.Y. (ignored blue flag).

Fastest lap - Justin Cassity, 39.748

Top qualifier - Mike Guerity, 40.597.


1, Allen Kopel, Silvis, Ill. 2, Ken Williams, Fenson, Mo. 3, Dustin Gau, Davenport, Ill.. 4, Larry Adams, Geneseo, Ill. 5. Robert Fulscher, Hillsdale, Ill. 6, Nick Koppers, Plainfield, Ill. 7, John Grave, Quincy, Ill. 8, Brian Mosher, Rochester, N.Y. 9, Jerry Miller, Springfield, Ilkl. 10, Dylan Ralston, Davenport, Ill. 11, Brian Kleman, Tecumseh, Mich.

4-Cycle Jr. II

Sponsored by Rieken's Racing

1. Dittmer, Michael Davenport, Iowa 7:54.986

2. Johnson, Johnny Marshalltown, Iowa 7:58.708

3. Johnson, Adam Marshalltown, Iowa 8:01.505

4. Koorsen, Jonathan Marshalltown, Iowa 8:01.672

5. King, Joe Silvis, Ill. 8:07.938

6. Larson, Cori Silvis, Ill. 8:12.949

7. Goettsch, Tim Bettendorf, Iowa 8:33.799

8. Fischlein, Carter Davenport, Iowa 8:34.833

Did not finish - 9, Matt Duncombe, East Moline, Ill (out on lap 8). 10, Matt Pewe, Davenport, Iowa (out on lap 8). 11, Sam Pavey, Indianapolis, Ind. (out on lap 8). 12, Terry Haines, Davenport, Iowa (out on lap 6). 13, Alicia Hogdal, Ham Lake, Minn. (out on lap 5). 14, Tim Mayer, Fenton, Mo. (out on lap 2).

Fastest lap - Michael Dittmer, 42.143.

Top qualifier - Michael Dittmer, 43.042.

Yamaha Medium

Sponsored by WHBF-TV

1. Birdsell, Jason St. Joseph, Ill. 7:56.705

2. Bolton, Todd Bowen, Ill. 7:57.147

3. Welsh, Mike Davenport, Iowa 7:57.639

4. Newman, Don Milan, Ill. 8:00.074

5. Williams, Kevin Davenport, Iowa 8:00.195

6. Baltzer, Craig Bettendorf, Iowa 8:08.310

7. Fandrey, Jerry Willow Springs, Ill. 8:10.170

8. Otto, Rich Marshalltown, Ill. 8:10.327

9. Russo, Chris Louisville, Ky. 8:14.154

10. Porter, Travis Rock Island, Ill. 8:14.447

11. Clausen, Mike Bettendorf, Iowa 8:17.421

12. Thomas, Lee Prescott Valley, Ariz 8:17.718

13. Hall, Dave Clive, Iowa 8:17.886

14. Lamont Critchett Chicago Hts., Ill. 8:19.776

15. Easterday, Jeff Bluffton, Ohio 8:22.895

16. Rudolph, Alan Mesa, Ariz. 8:24.519

Did not finish - 17, Chad Loy, Bryant, Ind. (out on lap 11). 18, Chad Peterson, Bettendorf, Iowa (out on lap 11). 19, Kevin Harris, Zionsville, Ill. (out on lap 10). 20, Jacob Otto, Marshalltown, Iowa (out on lap 8). 21, Kevin Woodard, Brownsburg, Ind. (out on lap 8). 22, Shannon Rursch, Clinton, Iowa (out on lap 6). 23, Garrick Miller, Plainfield, Ind. (out on lap 6). 24, Brook Loving, Camenton, Mich. (out on lap 4). 25, Jason Quinn, Hampton, Ill. (out on lap 2). 26. Kris Wentik, Bettendorf, Iowa (out on lap 1).

Fastest lap - Mike Welsh, 36.488.

Top qualifier - Jason Birdsell, 37.270.

Formula S2 Shifter

Sponsored by Ameritech

1. Thurman, Rob Clayton, Calif. 15:39

2. Willis, James Middletown, Ohio 15:44.623

3. Hockensohn, Drew Tulsa, Okla. 15:49.005

4. Carelli, Jeff Tampa, Fla. 15:49094

5. Alfonso Ribeiro Los Angeles, Calif. 15:49.216

6. Siegle, Chris Kansas City, Mo. 15:49.548

7. Carlson, Chris Eden Prairie, Minn. 15:49.586

8. Abbott, Mishael Coral Springs, Fla. 15:49.705

9. Hamble, Scott Indianapolis, Ind. 15:49.904

10. Mullen, Jason Oklahoma City, Okla. 15:52.116

11. Neubauer, Drew Glenpool, Okla. 15:57.507

12. Mossgrove, Sean Grand Rapids, Mich. 16:00.053

13. Bain, Frank Red Bank, N.J. 16:02.022

14. Bales, Daniel Zenia, Ohio 16:08.564

Did not finish - 15, Paul Russell, Ocala, Fla. (out on lap 19). 16, Erik Stearns, VanBuren, Ohio (out on lap 19). 17, Charles Russell, Ocala, Fla. (out on lap 17). 18, Robert Betts, Andover, Minn. (out on lap 15). 19, Tim Pritchard, Springfield, Ohio (out on lap 13). 20, Steve Murphy, Orion, Ill. (out on lap 13). 21, Todd Bridgemann, Owatonna, Minn. (out on lap 11). 22, Jake Perry, Taylors, S.C. (out on lap 11). 23, Robbie Betts, Austin, Tex. (out on lap 10). 24, Dan Werner, Brownsburg, Ind. (out on lap 10). 25, Jim Cassi, Minneapolis, Minn. (out on lap 9). 26, Keith Bridgeman, Minneapolis, Minn. (out on lap 8). 27, Justin Stefani, Des Moines, Iowa (out on lap 5). 28, Eric Jobe, Kansas City, Mo. (out on lap 5). 29, Matt Champagne, Fonthill, Ontario, Canada (out on lap 5). 30, Jason North, Devonshire, Bermuda (out on lap 2). 31, Charles Fritz Jr., Alsip, Ill. (out on lap 2). Sean Robbins, Gaithersburg, Md. (did not start).

Disqualified - Danny Roberts, Toney, Ala. (ignored blue flag).

Fastest lap - Rob Thurman, 34.431.

Top qualifier - Chris Carlson, 34.180.

4-Cycle Stock Medium

Sponsored by Iowa Illinois Taylor Insulation

1. Gumley, Justin Colts Neck, N.J. 25:16.522

2. Smith, Robby New Castle, Ind. 25:16.545

3. Cassity, Justin Decatur, Ill. 25:16.781

4. Cassity, Ryan Decatur , Ill. 25:16948

5. Riggs, Matt Pevely, Mo. 25:20.250

6. Dickson, Billy West Decatur, Pa. 25:20.509

7. James, Kellen Beloit, Wis. 25:20.509

8. Newell, Dan Indianapolis, Ind. 25:20.632

9. Lamb, Todd Royal Oak, Mich. 25:20.745

10. Reynolds, Jace West Belmar, N.J. 25:21.912

11. Birdsell, Jason St. Joseph, Mo. 25:23.378

12. Kammerer, Stephan Blue Grass, IA 25:26.354

13. McGill, Geoff Muncie, Ind. 25:28.987

14. Roe, Dan Minnetonka, Minn. 25:29.355

15. Roe, Noah Chanhassen, Minn. 25:30.586

16. Cowell, Scott Woodbury, Minn. 25:32.283

17. Kleman, Scott Tecumseh, Mich. 25:33.086

18. Guerity, Mike Oxford, Mich. 25:33.310

19. Paulson, Kenneth Beloit, Wis. 25:33.706

20. Bryce Pankratz Davenport, Iowa 25:33.921

21. Nordurft, Chris Davenport, Iowa 25:49.928

22. Michael Worobey Bridgeview, Ill. 25:50.405

Did not finish - 23, Rod Stewart, Jacksonville, Ill. (out on lap 11). 24, Brian Porter, Beloit, Wis. (out on lap 11). 25, Richard MacLeod, Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada(out on lap 7). 26, Rudolph Clayborn, Cape Coral, Fla. (out on lap 5). 27, Shaun Miller, Claypool, Ind. (out on lap 3). 28, Jerry Miller, Springfield, Ill. (out on lap 3). 29, Sean McDonald, Rochester, N.Y. (out on lap 2). 30, Rob Walsh, Brick N.J. (out on lap 1).

Fastest lap - Robby Smith, 39.159

Top qualifier - Kellen James, 40.952.


1, Shaun Miller, Claypool, Ind. 2, Brian Kleman, Tecumseh, Mich. 3, Edwin Grave, Quincy, Ill. 4, Allen Kopel, Silvis, Ill. 5, Bryce Pankratz, Davenport, Ill. 6, Michael Worobey, Bridgeview, Ill.. 7, Clayton Marvel, Lowell, Mich. 8, Tom Stiner, Moline, Ill. 9, Ken Williams, Fenton, Mo. 10, Mike Haines, Davenport, Iowa 11, Aaron Liken, St. Louis, Mo. 12, Brandon Simms, Silvis,Ill. 13, Dylan Ralston, Davenport, Ill. 14, Jerry Miller, Springfield, Ill. 15, Jeff Dolian, Chatham, Ill. 16, Mike Clausen, Bettendorf, Iowa. 17, Kris Limerick, Ligonier, Ind. 18, Cassie Hogdal, Ham Lake, Minn. 19, Tony Franklin, Davenport, Iowa 20, Russell Jolly, Fox River Grove, Ill. 21, Rudolph Clayborne, Cape Coral, Fla.

2-Cycle Senior Sportsman

Sponsored by Zimmerman Pontiac, Cadillac, Oldsmobile and Honda

1. Welsh, Mike Davenport, Iowa 8:43.805

2. Harding, Chris Fort Wayne, Ind. 8:44.033

3. Bolton, Todd Bowen, Ill. 8:44.135

4. Stefani, Justin Des Moines, Iowa 8:44.883

5. Newman, Don Milan, Ill. 8:47.444

6. Livingston, Matt Davenport, Iowa 8:49.226

7. Coin, Gabe Davenport, Iowa 8:50.099

8. Rursch, Shannon Clinton, Iowa 8:50.435

9. Nordurft, Chris Davenport, Iowa 8:50.814

10. Stein, Matt Davenport, Iowas 8:51.665

11. Fisher, Drew Milan, Ill. 9:00234

12. Fairfield, Steven Independence, Mo. 9:02.621

13. Palmero, Michael Lansing, Mich. 9:04.560

14. Simms, Brandon Silvis, Ill. 9:04.716

15. Brannam, Ron Barrington, Ill. 9:05.275

16. Kelling, Jeff Marshalltown, Iowa 9:13.033

17. Hindman, Ty Indianapolis, Ind. 9:15.031

18. Kammerer, Stephan Blue Grass, IA 9:15.234

19. Ralston, Dylan Davenport, Iowa 9:22.545

20. Simpson, Gary Osage Beach, Mo. 9:24.861

Did not finish - 21, Ron Smith, Davenport, Iowa (out on lap 10). 22, Ron Targos, Dyer, Ind. (out on lap 10). 23, Jason Quinn, Hampton, Ill. (out on lap 10). 24, James Doughty, Andalusia, Ill. (out on lap 9). 25, Adam Murphy, Fulton, Ill. (out on lap 8). 26, Bill Brandt, Davenport, Iowa (out on lap 4). 27, Allen Kopel, Silvis, Ill. (out on lap 4). 28, Jason Ewers, Fishers, Ind. (out on lap 2).

Fastest lap - Justin Stefani, 39.343.

Top qualifier - Justin Stefani, 40.062.

2-Cycle Controlled Super Stock

Sponsored by Casino Rock Island

1. North, Jason Devonshire, Bermuda 8:40.537

2. Russo, Chris Louisville, Ky. 8:44.120

3. Hoegner, Curtis East Moline, Ill. 8:56.015

4. Bank, Robin Sewickley, Pa. 8:59.163

5. Snelling, Jeff Indianapolis, Ind. 8:59.701

6. Floyd, Pat Columbus, Ind. 9:02.617

7. Martin, Stacey South Bend, Ind. 9:06.905

8. Brandt, Bill Davenport 9:13.269

Did not finish - 9, Ty Hindman, Indianapolis, Ind. (out on lap 11). 10, Travis Porter, Rock Island (out on lap 11). 11, Jeff Easterday, Bluffton, Ohio (out on lap 2).

Fastest lap - Jason North, 35.865 (new record).

Top qualifier - Jason North, 36.267.

4-Cycle Stock Light

Sponsored by WHBF-TV

1. Cassity, Ryan Decatur, Ill. 14:06.218

2. Smith, Robby New Castle, Ind. 14:07.519

3. Newell, Dan Indianapolis, Ind. 14:07.711

4. Gumley, Justin Colts Neck, N.J. 14:07.734

5. Cassity, Justin Decatur, Ill. 14:09.149

6. Dickson, Billy West Decatur, Pa. 14:09.201

7. Riggs, Matt Pevely, Mo. 14:15.608

8. Guerity, Mike Oxford, Mich. 14:16.636

9. McGill, Geoff Muncie, Ind. 14:16.752

10. Birdsell, Jason St. Joseph, Mo. 14:16.926

11. Kleman, Scott Tecumseh, Mich. 14:18.243

12. Marvel, Clayton Lowell, Mich. 14:23.897

13. Cowell, Scott Woodbury, Minn. 14:25.168

14. Porter, Brian Beloit, Wis. 14:29.166

15. Roe, Noah Chanhassen, Minn. 14:29.296

16. Lamb, Todd Royal Oak, Mich. 14:34.873

17 Limerick, Kris Ligonier, Ind. 14:35.409

18. Hodgal, Cassie Ham Lake, Minn. 14:36.430

19. McDonald, Sean Rochester, N.Y. 14:38.839

20. Simms, Brandon Silvis, Ill. 14:39.107

21. MacLeod, Richard Thunder Bay, Ontario 14:41.212

Did not finish - 22, Dan Roe, Minnetonka, Minn. (out on lap 10). 23, Tom Stiner, Moline, Ill. (out on lap 9). 24, Joe Janiga, Valparaiso, Ind. 25, Michael Haines, Davenport, Iowa (out on lap 6). 26, Denny Marion, Moline, Ill. (out on lap 6). 27, Jerry Miller, Springfield, Ill. (out on lap 4). 28, Rudolph Clayborne, Cape Coral, Fla. (out on lap 3). 29, Jeff Dolian, Chatham, Ill. (out on lap 2). 30, Drew Fisher, Milan, Ill. (out on lap 1).

Disqualified - Tony Franklin, Davenport, Iowa (weight).

Fastest lap - Dan Newell, 39.304.

Top qualifier - Rod Stewart, 39.734.

2-Cycle Super Sportsman

Sponsored by Ameritech

1. Welsh, Mike Davenport 8:26.818

2. Stefani, Justin Des Moines 8:27.087

3. Bolton, Todd Bowen, Ill. 8:27.849

4. Livingston, Matt Davenport, Iowa 8:31.005

5. Newman, Don Milan, Ill. 8:31.127

6. Jump, Chad Maple Park, Ill. 8:35.999

7. Harding, Chris Ft. Wayne, Ind. 8:43.256

8. Otto, Jacob Marshalltown, Iowa 8:43.348

9. Fairfield, Steven Independence, Mo. 8:51.990

10. Quinn, Jason Hampton, Ill. 8:52.289

11. Otto, Rich Marshalltown, Iowa 8:53.869

12. Loy, Chad Bryant, Iowa 8:54.589

Did not finish - 13, Jason Ewers, Fishers, Ind. (out on lap 11). 14, Jeff Kelling, Marshalltown, Iowa (out on lap 11). 15, Shelby Siewert, Indianapolis, Ind. (out on lap 10). 16, Ron Brannam, Barrington, Ill. (out on lap 9). 17, Stephen Kammerer, Blue Grass, Iowa (out on lap 8). 18, Chris Nodurft, Davenport, Iowa (out on lap 8). 19, Chris Beamish (out on lap 6). 20, Michael Palermo, Lansing, Ill. (out on lap 5). 21, Allen Kopel, Silvis, Ill. (out on lap 5). 22, Brandon Simms, Silvis, Ill.(out on lap 1). 23, Jeff Spark, Mooresville, Ind. (out on lap 1).

Disqualified - Thomas Crawford (ignored blue flag).

Fastest lap - Todd Bolton, 37.728.

Top qualifier - Todd Bolton, 38.375.

Yamaha Light

Sponsored by Iowa Illinois Taylor Insulation

1. Welsh, Mike Davenport, Iowa 22:29.564

2. Baltzer, Craig Bettendorf, Iowa 22:30.474

3. Birdsell, Jason St. Joseph, Mo. 22:30.547

4. Bolton, Todd Bowen, Ill. 22:32.928

5. Newman, Don Milan, Ill. 22:33.329

6. Rudolph, Alan Mesa, Ariz. 22:33.657

7. Loy, Chad Bryant, Ind. 22:38.276

8. North, Jason Devonshire, Bermuda 22:40.036

Did not finish - 9, Travis Porter, Rock Island, Ill. (out on lap 4). 10, Kevin Harris, Zionsville, Ind. (out on lap 4). 11, Kevin Williams, Davenport, Iowa (out on lap 3).

Fastest lap - Jason Birdsell, 35.871.

Top qualifier - Mike Welsh, 36.463.

Formula S1 Shifters "King Of The Streets"

Sponsored by Bob Bondurant Super Kart School

1. Rudolph, Alan Mesa, Ariz. 19:06.820

2. Wilson, Bobby Oconomowoc, Wis. 19:20.048

3. Janowski, Joe Indianapolis, Ind. 19:20.075

4. Shaw, Kris Sebastopol, Calif. 19:32.057

5. Nelson, Eric Indianapolis, Ind. 19:32.617

6. Bailliez, Michael Glasford, Ill. 19:33.106

7. Boyer, Brad 19:35.626

Did not finish - 8, Ron White, Evergreen, Colo. (out on lap 21). 9, Chris Schultz, Indianapolis, Ind. (out on lap 21). 10, Angie South, Trenton, Ohio (out on lap 16). 11, Terry Pastor, Carlisle, Ohio (out on lap 11). 12, Larry Nagy, Cedar Lake, Ind. (out on lap 3). 13, Marc Miller, Wyoming, Mich. (out on lap 2).

Fastest lap - Ron White, 33.591 (new record).

Top qualifier - Ron White, 34.057.

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