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Gibbs beats Larson, wins Road America Xfinity race

Ty Gibbs bested Kyle Larson following an overtime restart to take the win in Saturday's NASCAR Xfinity Series race at Road America.

Watch: Ty Gibbs: ‘I thought it was going to get a little rough there’

Gibbs took on the reigning Cup Series champion and prevailed in a thrilling battle during NASCAR Overtime.

In claiming his eighth career NXS victory and fourth of the season, Gibbs beat one of the best drivers the Cup Series has to offer. 

“This is just awesome,” said Gibbs post-race. "I can’t believe it. This is just wonderful. 

“I think we were a little bit faster in the first half of the track … Hopefully, a lot of people were watching. It’s cool to be here, a cool race against some Cup Series guys. Hopefully, that says something.”

Larson, who finished a close second, was impressed with Gibbs's clean racing and decided to return the favor on the final lap as the duo battled into the final set of corners.

“He was able to pass me without laying a bumper on me at all," said Larson. "When he passed me clean, I felt like I should not use him up, like we’ve seen others do when they get passed for the lead late. He ran me clean, and I was going to run him clean. It just didn’t work out for me.”

Josh Berry finished third, followed by Austin Hill, Brandon Jones, AJ Allmendinger, Riley Herbst, Noah Gragson, Jeremy Clements, and Ryan Sieg to round out the top-ten.

Stage 1

Larson led the race from the initial start after securing pole position. He, Gibbs and Custer were the show for the majority of the race. 

While the reigning Cup Series champion led the way early, Gibbs and Custer went back-and-forth for the rights to second-place.

Tyler Reddick was penalized for driving through too many pit boxes during a green-flag pit stop, putting him deep in the field.

Anthony Alfredo and Andy Lally went spinning after contact, but the first caution of the race didn’t fly until Brett Moffitt got stuck in the gravel trap.

The stage would end under yellow flag conditions. Larson led Gibbs, Custer, Herbst, B. Jones, Gragson, Mayer, Clements, Bilicki, and Allmendinger.

Stage 2

Gibbs and teammate Jones were among a group of drivers who stayed out, and led the way for the start of Stage 2. Larson restarted back in 16th. 

AJ Allmendinger, who started from the last row and was among those who stayed out during the stage break, snatched the lead with an outside pass into Turn 5. However, Gibbs took it back soon after.

Back in the pack, Sam Mayer found himself off-track and taking a detour through the gravel while Alfredo cut down a tire and was forced to limp it back to the pits.

Gibbs and the other drivers who stayed out during the first stage break were all forced to pit under green, allowing Larson to easily take the stage victory.

He was followed by Creed, Custer, Nemechek, Allgaier, Smith, Herbst, Clements, Gragson, and Labbe.

Stage 3

Larson continued to lead while Gibbs restarted back in tenth for the start of the final stage. 

The green-running did not last long. A tense battle for position between Noah Gragson and Sage Karam ended with Gragson turning Karam on a straightaway. The result was a massive accident, collecting several cars.

Brandon Brown, Tyler Reddick, Brett Moffitt, John-Hunter Nemechek, Landon Cassill, Myatt Snider and Andy Lally were among the 12+ cars damaged in the incident.

During the lengthy cleanup, Allmendinger was caught speeding on pit road when he, Larson and several other frontrunners pitted.

Larson restarted back in fifth, but quickly found his way to the front. However, it was Custer who passed then Larson and took control of the race.

Chris Dyson crashed heavily after what appeared to be a brake failure, bringing out another caution flag.

Almost the entire field pitted, but three drivers did stay out. Larson quickly dispatched the slower cars, but his main rivals struggled to do the same.

Larson appeared to be cruising to the race win when Custer crashed into the wall in Turn 5, suffering brake failure. He was running third.

The incident forced the race into overtime and set-up a two-lap dash to the checkered flag. Larson and Gibbs battled back-and-forth with the 19-year-old emerging victorious after a thrilling battle.

Cla # Driver Manufacturer Laps Time Gap Interval Laps Led
1 54 Ty Gibbs Toyota 48 2:36'14.160     5
2 17 United States Kyle Larson Chevrolet 48 2:36'15.018 0.858 0.858 31
3 8 Josh Berry Chevrolet 48 2:36'17.613 3.453 2.595  
4 21 United States Austin Hill Chevrolet 48 2:36'18.143 3.983 0.530  
5 19 United States Brandon Jones Toyota 48 2:36'18.898 4.738 0.755  
6 16 United States A.J. Allmendinger Chevrolet 48 2:36'18.951 4.791 0.053 1
7 98 United States Riley Herbst Ford 48 2:36'19.850 5.690 0.899  
8 9 United States Noah Gragson Chevrolet 48 2:36'20.372 6.212 0.522  
9 51 United States Jeremy Clements Chevrolet 48 2:36'21.748 7.588 1.376  
10 39 United States Ryan Sieg Ford 48 2:36'22.397 8.237 0.649 2
11 91 Preston Pardus Chevrolet 48 2:36'24.041 9.881 1.644  
12 7 United States Justin Allgaier Chevrolet 48 2:36'25.032 10.872 0.991 3
13 44 United States Josh Bilicki Chevrolet 48 2:36'25.482 11.322 0.450  
14 08 United States Andy Lally Ford 48 2:36'25.867 11.707 0.385  
15 36 Canada Alex Labbé Chevrolet 48 2:36'26.176 12.016 0.309  
16 4 United States Bayley Currey Chevrolet 48 2:36'27.136 12.976 0.960  
17 78 United States Josh Williams Chevrolet 48 2:36'29.005 14.845 1.869  
18 26 United States John Hunter Nemechek Toyota 48 2:36'31.005 16.845 2.000  
19 38 United States Patrick Gallagher Ford 48 2:36'31.289 17.129 0.284  
20 1 Sam Mayer Chevrolet 48 2:36'32.046 17.886 0.757  
21 27 United States Jeb Burton Chevrolet 48 2:36'36.580 22.420 4.534  
22 34 United States Jesse Iwuji Chevrolet 48 2:36'53.867 39.707 17.287  
23 23 Anthony Alfredo Chevrolet 47 2:36'31.439 1 Lap 1 Lap  
24 18 Sammy Smith Toyota 45 2:26'22.231 3 Laps 2 Laps  
25 07 United States Cole Custer Ford 43 2:17'32.509 5 Laps 2 Laps 6
26 88 Miguel Paludo Chevrolet 39 2:10'50.320 9 Laps 4 Laps  
27 2 United States Sheldon Creed Chevrolet 37 2:03'48.753 11 Laps 2 Laps  
28 35 United States Chris Dyson Toyota 33 1:49'34.121 15 Laps 4 Laps  
29 11 United States Daniel Hemric Chevrolet 27 1:32'40.152 21 Laps 6 Laps  
30 48 United States Tyler Reddick Chevrolet 25 1:21'55.095 23 Laps 2 Laps  
31 45 United States Sage Karam Chevrolet 24 1:16'56.273 24 Laps 1 Lap  
32 10 United States Landon Cassill Chevrolet 24 1:16'59.786 24 Laps 3.513  
33 31 United States Myatt Snider Chevrolet 24 1:17'01.241 24 Laps 1.455  
34 68 United States Brandon Brown Chevrolet 24 1:17'02.531 24 Laps 1.290  
35 02 United States Brett Moffitt Chevrolet 24 1:17'05.211 24 Laps 2.680  
36 5 Joe Jr. Chevrolet 17 52'04.444 31 Laps 7 Laps  
37 6 United States Ty Dillon Chevrolet 13 42'42.083 35 Laps 4 Laps  
38 13 United States Will Rodgers Toyota 9 24'48.256 39 Laps 4 Laps  

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