Shanmugam eyes Carrera Cup Asia post enlistment in 2019

Ananth Shanmugam has stated his mid-term ambition of competing in the Porsche Carrera Cup Asia, with a full-time target by 2019 season.

Shanmugam eyes Carrera Cup Asia post enlistment in 2019
Race action in Carrera Cup Asia in 2015
Winner Ananth Shanmugam
Ananth Shanmugam
Ananth Shanmugam
Mikael Grenier
Ananth Shanmugam and Akhil Rabindra
Ananth Shanmugam
Winner Ananth Shanmugam

Shanmugam currently races in Euro JK, where he jointly leads the championship with Hyderabad's Anindith Reddy.

Looking ahead to the future, the 18-year-old is planning to take part in Carrera Cup Asia but only after having gained international racing experience.

Shanmugam revealed to that he had no particular plans for racing in 2016 when asked about a move to Formula F4 SEA.

But for the future, the Indian added: "Ultimately, I would like to race in the Porsche Carrera Cup Asia or similar one-make series. 

“[But] I am aiming to compete in PCCA only in 2019, as I have to enlist in the Singaporean army from mid-2017 to 2018." 

“The army enlistment is compulsory for all Singapore citizens, which I have by virtue of being born in Singapore.

“Prior to my enlistment, I plan to compete in single-seaters for a partial season in Asia.  For which, we are in the process of evaluating the various series,’’ he added.

Even though he races under the Indian flag, he will have to enlist himself with the Singaporean army because of his birth in that country.

Thus, all his racing programme will be decided around the enlistment dates which means his season in 2017 and 2018 will be cut short, before he finally gets into Carrera Cup.

Entered this year with title in mind

Shanmugam finished runner-up in Euro JK in 2015, picking up two wins across the season. This year, he came with the mentality of going one up in the order.

“When I started last season, I wasn’t exactly looking to win the title. I was just looking to improve,’’ he admitted.

“Even after winning one race, I wasn’t exactly looking to win the title because Vishnu [Prasad] had a big lead by then. So, [it was] just to win more races.

“I [did] win another one, but not many more. [It] still [helped] changed my attitude [towards racing for good].”

“Coming to this season my aim was to win the title. Round 1 didn’t go too well. I had too many mechanical issues. But from Round 2 I have been able to keep the [positive] trend going.”

Additional reporting by Darshan Chokhani

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