SCCA partners with BFGoodrich Tires

BFGoodrich Tires Named "Official Street Tire" of SCCA as Part of Comprehensive Multi-Year Partnership

TOPEKA, Kan. (January 20, 2011) -- Sports Car Club of America, Inc., today announced a multi-faceted partnership with BFGoodrich Tires. With this partnership, BFGoodrich Tires is named the "Official Street Tire" of SCCA and title sponsor of the newly-formed SCCA Club Racing BFGoodrich Tires Super Tour. Additionally, BFGoodrich Tires will support special programs and prizes for workers, a racer contingency program and street-tire programs, as well as engineering and marketing support for all of the company's products.

"The passion held by SCCA members and BFGoodrich Tires is one and the same -- to have the most fun on four tires as possible, while exploring and increasing a car's performance on the track and street," said Duane Thomas, marketing communications manager, BFGoodrich Tires. "Our multi-year partnership with SCCA encompasses the people, the cars and the events that allow enthusiasts to do what they do best with the guidance of the most historic and accomplished organization appealing to every car-guy or girl out there."

BFGoodrich Tires has a long history in SCCA competition, from the Radial T/A--equipped Trans-Am "Tire Birds" in the 1970s to the 2010 Touring 3 National Championship-winning Honda of Chad Gilsinger on BFGoodrich g-Force0x2122 R10x2122 tires.

"SCCA and BFGoodrich Tires have a long history together and we are very pleased to be working with them on a comprehensive program," said Jeff Dahnert, president and CEO, SCCA. "BFGoodrich's reputation for quality and performance is exactly what our members look for in automotive products. This new arrangement will benefit both organizations and especially our members as we work together to grow our programs."

Under the agreement, SCCA members will be offered a discount program for BFGoodrich Tires and event volunteers can win free sets of tires and other prizes at the season-ending BFGoodrich SCCA Worker of the Year Awards. BFGoodrich Tires will offer special SCCA racer contingency programs and displays, engineering and sales support at a variety of SCCA events. In addition to a variety of co-branding opportunities, SCCA will offer certification of select BFGoodrich Tires retailers and select BFGoodrich Tires buyers will be eligible for an SCCA membership.

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