Armin Schwarz newsletter 2010-12-22

Merry Christmas! - Racing at full bore into 2011!

Dear Friends,

I wish you all a wonderful Christmas celebration and a perfect start into the New Year. My heartfelt thanks go out to all of you who supported us during 2010 and helped make the year so successful. With our sensational overall victory at the San Felipe we turned heads in the USA and really stirred up the media. For this and all the night shifts I want to say a very special thanks to my teammates at All German Motorsports! The outright victory gives us incredible motivation for 2011 and our huge project -- the AGM Trophy Truck!

The Trophy Truck for 2011 is already taking shape. Our AGM team with Martin Christensen at the helm is working closely with Mike Jules, the owner and race car designer at Jimco chassis specialists. Both Mike and Mark are geniuses in their fields and Mike is always willing to listen to our ideas.

We have a somewhat unusual concept for the desert races: 'The bigger the weight, the less the handling.' We want to build a relatively light Trophy Truck. In the USA they say about this class: 'More weight means more stability.' I can't wait to come face to face with the old-hands with our Trophy Truck. Until the season starts we'll have some surprises ready. Just wait and see!

But before that it's going to get really cold. From 20 February to 25 March I'll be presenting the "Subaru Ice and Action Winter Training" in conjunction with Wallenwein Rallye Sport and Subaru Deutschland. This will be the sixth time for our driver training to take place up in Arctic Lapland (Finland) on ice and snow passages as well as over real special stages.

For me, there are two things that make this ice training fabulous: I always meet nice, enthusiastic people, who are coincidentally huge rally fans and tend to enjoy going sideways more than straight ahead. And secondly, I have the chance to pass on my expertise from more than two decades of rallying. You'll find more information about this incredibly interesting event on

Care to join me in Finland?

In any case, I wish you all a wonderful Christmas with your families and a great start to the New Year!



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Series finalizes 2011 schedule

Series finalizes 2011 schedule
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