Baja 1000: TROPHYLITE event summary

TROPHYLITE trucks get 1st and 2nd at the Baja 1000 The Azunia Tequila team of Jim Riley and Rick Johnson win at the biggest off-road race in the world CHANDLER, AZ - November 29, 2010- Two TROPHYLITE™ teams entered the Baja 1000 this ...

Baja 1000: TROPHYLITE event summary

TROPHYLITE trucks get 1st and 2nd at the Baja 1000

The Azunia Tequila team of Jim Riley and Rick Johnson win at the biggest off-road race in the world

CHANDLER, AZ - November 29, 2010- Two TROPHYLITE™ teams entered the Baja 1000 this year. With the start of the race in Ensenada and the finish all the way down in LaPaz this years Baja 1000 would prove to be very difficult. The teams were forced to race for 1061 miles through all that Baja had to throw at them. The TROPHYITE trucks showed how tough they are by getting 1st and 2nd in class 7-2 at this years event. Jim Riley and Rick Johnson were the winners in class and Bruce and Fawn Finchum finished 2nd. Both entries beating out the other class competitors.

TROPHYLITE Teams managed to run the 1061 miles in the rough Baja terrain in record time for the SCORE 7-2 class. The teams were forced to race in an open class and still managed to beat other trucks to the finish line with hours to spare.

"Team Azunia Tequila has proved that a TROPHYLITE and it's long list of sponsors are tougher then Baja". We need to Thank GENERAL TIRE, METHOD RACE WHEELS, KREED Sunglasses, Wahoo's Fish Taco, Fox Racing Shoxs, Mastercraft Safety, KC HiLiTES,Currie Ent. Blue C Advertising, K&N Filters, and of course Azunia Tequila, each company is now a true Baja champion.

Matt "Shrek" Dowland has delivered a well prepared TROPHYLITE to ever single race, this race was no exception. This year we were able to show how well built a TROPHYLITE really is. We conquered some big races with impressive finishes starting with The Parker 400, Mint 400, Vegas2Reno and now the Baja 1000. Team owner / driver Jim "Rooster" Riley is now in the record books as a Baja 1000 Champion. Rick "Hurricane" Johnson started the race with navigator Jim "Rooster" Riley. We started the race without our GPS showing the race course, that was a first, but Jim quickly calmed me and guided us perfectly. The first fuel stop we put our mechanic Matt "Shrek" Dowland. We had a great run going and no problems in Calamuje wash where we passed our 2nd place competitor. Our first drivers change was at L.A Bay Mile 356 comented Rick. Jim Riley took over driving duties with Louis Chamberland navigating. They did an incredible job making up time and passing the leader stuck in a silt bed. Louis"2X TL Champ" Chamberland switched into the drivers seat in San Ignacio with Craig "The Capitan Malloy navigating and we never looked back. They drove from 9:30 at night until 12:30Pm the next day and it was time for them to give somebody else a turn. Riley took back over the wheel at mile 955 with Johnson in an unfamilar position in many years took over the navigators position. The two were able to navigate thru the endless silt beds to finally reach the cheering crowd in La Paz. Team Azunia completed the tough 1061 Baja course in 26 hours 39 minutes and 20 seconds an average of 39.82 MPH

We need to thank General Tire for making the Grabber AT2 All Terrain Tire, it is tougher then Baja. We drove thru the most rocky conditions imaginable and had zero flat tires. We tested the New Method race wheels and they performed flawlessly in the toughest of the Baja conditions. Our Fox Racing Shoxs made quick work of the tough Baja terrain. It's amazing how well that truck works in the monster whoops. Team Azunia is made up of family and friends that have a dedication to being the best! KREED polarized sunglasses kept the bright Baja sun out and a smile on my face. They tamed the grueling Baja 1000 sun. 1061 miles off-road in Baja is a long ways , you have to rely on Mastercraft Seats and Safety harnesses to keep you comfortable.

Baja gets very dark at night , that is why we depend on KC HiLiTES to light the way. We drove 1061 miles of Baja's thickest silt, dust and mud and never had to stop to change our K&N filters. Nothing compares to a Wahoo's Fish Taco. We all need a new entry door for our house at some point, log on to COMPDOOR.COM to look for yours. When you need to be recognized Blue C advertising puts you in front.

The finest 100% Blue Weber Agave aged to perfection, Azunia Tequila Anejo is what I drink." commented Rick Johson about the finish.

Finishing in second place just a bit back from team Azunia was the 721 TROPHYLITE owned by the Finchums. "Fawn started the race driving (with Kelly Ross riding) over 9 hours with her only issue being running over some barb wire that was in the road and having to get it untangled. She did an amazing job staying on schedule and driving the pace that was expected. Bruce stepped in (With Pat Neveau then Roger Pereira) at Ojos Negros driving the truck to Loretto. Nearly a flawless leg of the race, he did drive off a ledge at one point that cost them a little bit of time but nothing major. Somewhere in this time a bolt came out of a steering rod, but they limped the truck to the driver change for a full repair.

Kelly Ross took the wheel after Bruce With Mark Gay (never in TL before) taking it to the finish. They got stuck in the silt beds a few times. Considering Kelly had only driven a few miles prerunning, he did an amazing job keeping a good pace and getting the truck to the finish line. There was only 1 flat the entire race and no major damage at all. All body panels are still on the truck which says a lot, especially for the Finchum Team. The most amazing thing is that after a WD40 scrub, the truck is still race ready. What an amazing thing to say about the Trophylite, Cowan Fabrication and Mechanical for prepping and for the teamwork that went into completing the 1080 miles." commented Ryan Finchum after the event.

-source: trophylite

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