Laughlin: Armin Schwarz event report

Laughlin Desert Challenge: Fourth Place good Start of Season

Dear Friends,

Martin Christensen and I shared the cockpit of our AGM Jimco Buggy at the Laughlin Desert Challenge (14 to 16 Jan), held in the vicinity of the buzzing town ca 120 ks south of Las Vegas. This time we drove the Buggy with the Chevy engine. And I must say: 700 American horses have a lot of steam, and the torque is just incredible. It's like an elephant kicks you from behind.

Full steam ahead: fourth place was a good start into the new season

Again, the circuit was tough. Lots of long jumps, deep ruts, big washboards. We finished fourth in our class and thus scored the first result at the Laughlin Desert Challenge since we have competed the event. That's good news, but the podium would have been better. Well, we just missed it because of a faulty ignition cable that we had to change during the race on Saturday.

On Friday evening the "Laughlin Leap" was a great spectacle for everybody: desert racers truly airborne! We missed the win by maybe 15 cm (6 inches). But the show was just breathtaking. All in all we take memories of a good start to the season with us from Laughlin.

The weekend in Nevada got a special positive touch from the visit of 50 Michelin und Euromaster guests who visited the Hoover Dam, a show in Las Vegas, Laughlin and our traditional All German Motorsports barbecue, of course!

Deep dive: starting number 123 was not perfect, but we made it to a good result

During the weekend I was able to talk to several top teams about their start at the Baja 300 Powerdays Germany (22 to 24 July). I can promise: We'll have some big names and some big cars around in good old Germany.

Now I'm on my way to the Monte Carlo Rally, where I'll do ice notes together with Detlef Ruf for Mark Wallenwein. A great challenge that I look forward to.

Apart from that, the preparations of our very own AGM Trophy Truck are going at full revs at the team base in Escondido.

You can see: We are flat out, and it's great.

Best wishes, Armin.


Laughlin: Series race event report

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