Brazilian V8 Stock Cars: Valdeno Brito claims another pole position

For the second time this season, the Shell Racing driver set the fastest lap on qualifying, closely followed by the Red Bull duo Cacá Bueno and Daniel Serra

Brazilian V8 Stock Cars: Valdeno Brito claims another pole position
Valdeno Brito
Polesitter Valdeno Brito
Ricardo Zonta
Ricardo Zonta
Valdeno Brito and Cacá Bueno
Daniel Serra
Caca Bueno
Start: Daniel Serra leads
Daniel Serra
Thiago Camilo
Valdeno Brito, #77 Shell Racing Chevrolet

Valdeno was the 20th driver to hit the track for today’s qualifying session at the fast and short Cascavel racetrack. He set the fastest laptime of his group and of the session so far with 1min01s575 and after his two attempts, he had to hold his breath and watch 12 other drivers trying to beat his benchmark. However, no one could steal his second pole position of the season.

"I could only celebrate after the end, and it was big relief. We know how hard we had fought and we know how capable our competitors are", told the Shell driver. "The car is behaving really well here in Cascavel, and last but not least, I would like to thank all the guys at Shell Racing for all the hard work they ‘ve put on our cars".

Brito eclipsed the two Red Bulls of Cacá Bueno and Daniel Serra by only 0s187 and 0s241. "Perhaps my lap could be better, but the time Valdeno set was really quick, especially in the last sector. Anyway, what really matters here is that, after a complicated weekend in Goiânia, the car is back to its old form and ready for the races tomorrow", said Bueno.

Last "One Million Race" winner Thiago Camilo closes the second row starting in fourth position, followed closely by Ricardo Zonta - and a difference of tiny 0s005. Sunday races starts at 1:10 pm (48 minutes + 1 lap) and 2:25 pm (28 minutes + 1 lap).

Starting Grid

Position Driver Team Lap time
1 Valdeno Brito Shell Racing 1:01.575 -
2 Cacá Bueno Red Bull Racing 1:01.762 0.187
3 Daniel Serra Red Bull Racing 1:01.816 0.241
4 Thiago Camilo Ipiranga-RCM 1:01.915 0.340
5 Ricardo Zonta Shell Racing 1:01.920 0.345
6 Marcos Gomes Voxx Racing Team 1:01.999 0.424
7 Gabriel Casagrande Axalta C2 Team 1:02.026 0.451
8 Sergio Jimenez Axalta C2 Team 1:02.037 0.462
9 Max Wilson Eurofarma RC 1:02.060 0.485
10 Lucas Foresti AMG Motorsport 1:02.068 0.493
11 Allam Khodair Full Time Sports 1:02.074 0.499
12 Diego Nunes Vogel Motorsport 1:02.107 0.532
13 Ricardo Mauricio Eurofarma RC 1:02.132 0.557
14 Rubens Barrichello Full Time Sports 1:02.132 0.557
15 Átila Abreu AMG Motorsport 1:02.143 0.568
16 Raphael Matos Schin Racing Team 1:02.166 0.591
17 Vitor Genz Boettger Competições 1:02.171 0.596
18 Rafael Suzuki RZ Motorsport 1:02.275 0.700
19 Felipe Lapenna Schin Racing Team 1:02.279 0.704
20 Galid Osman Ipiranga-RCM 1:02.402 0.827
21 Cesar Ramos Total Racing 1:02.437 0.862
22 Raphael Abbate Hot Car Competições 1:02.447 0.872
23 Denis Navarro Vogel Motorsport 1:02.497 0.922
24 Popó Bueno Total Racing 1:02.565 0.990
25 Luciano Burti RZ Motorsport 1:02.655 1.080
26 Fabio Fogaça Hot Car Competições 1:02.663 1.088
27 Tuka Rocha União Química Racing 1:02.774 1.199
28 Bia Figueiredo União Química Racing 1:02.861 1.286
29 Julio Campos Prati-donaduzzi 1:03.030 1.455
30 Antonio Pizzonia Prati-donaduzzi 1:03.051 1.476
31 Gustavo Lima ProGP 1:03.065 1.490
32 Felipe Fraga Voxx Racing Team - -




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Brazilian V8 Stock Cars: Valdeno Brito and Thiago Camilo master their paces to take victories
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