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Stock Car Pro Series: Fittipaldi stars, disaster for Massa and Glock

Gabriel Casagrande and Gabriel Robe were the winners of the season-opening Stock Car Pro Series Doubles Race at Interlagos, and while guest driver Pietro Fittipaldi starred there was no luck for Felipe Messa and Timo Glock as they teamed up.

Pietro Fittipaldi and Tony Kanaan

Defending champion Casagrande won the first race, which had only the regular series drivers, and saw his partner Robe take fourth place in the second race, which was for the guests. In Race 2, Porsche Cup Brazil star Enzo Elias was the winner.

Haas F1 reserve driver Fittipaldi, who was Tony Kanaan's guest, drove a great recovery race. From 20th position on the grid, he charged through the field and finished fifth.

The day was not good for two former Formula 1 drivers: Massa’s car suffered an axle shaft failure, which meant that car #19 had a terminal problem. As a result, Timo Glock could not start Race 2.

Massa said: “The axle shaft broke, I couldn't continue. I still tried to take the car to the pit so that Timo would have a chance to race, but I couldn't.

“I left sad that we couldn't finish both races, but happy to have welcomed Timo here in the team, even for the human side of the whole story.”

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Rubens Barrichello had his son, Eduardo, as teammate. In Race 1, 2014 Stock Car champion Rubens also hit mechanical problems with his car. The team managed to fix it in time for Eduardo to go to the track but son ‘Dudu’ was involved in accidents, which shortened his race.

The round rules indicate that the winner of the event would be defined by the sum of points from the two races.

With the results, Casagrande is the leader of the championship, ahead of Daniel Serra. The Ferrari GT driver had Augusto Farfus as a guest and both managed to finish third in their respective races.

“I am very happy, especially for Robe, to achieve this result together,” said Casagrande. “He is a guy who really deserved this chance and represented our team very well.

“I fully trusted him and I think the choice was very right. We achieved what we came to do: pole position, victory, fastest lap, and lots of championship points.”

Stock Car Pro Series will return on March 20, in Goiânia.

Race results:


1 Gabriel Casagrande (AMattheis Vogel Motorsport/Cruze)

2 Thiago Camilo (Ipiranga Racing/Corolla) a 2.849

3 Daniel Serra (Eurofarma-RC/Cruze) a 4.073

4 Marcos Gomes (Cavaleiro Sports/Cruze) a 4.407

5 Ricardo Zonta (RCM Motorsport/Corolla) a 9.561

6 Gaetano di Mauro (KTF Sports/Cruze) a 10.802

7 Julio Campos (Lubrax Podium Stock Car Team/Cruze) a 11.704

8 Galid Osman (Shell V-Power/Cruze) a 12.379

9 Rafael Suzuki (Full Time Bassani/Corolla) a 13.196

10 Allam Khodair (Blau Motorsport/Cruze) a 15.056

11 Átila Abreu (Shell V-Power/Cruze) a 20.674

12 Cesar Ramos (Ipiranga Racing/Corolla) a 21.022

13 Pedro Cardoso (Crown II Racing/Cruze) a 21.170

14 Felipe Baptista (KTF Racing/Cruze) a 28.496

15 Guilherme Salas (KTF Racing/Cruze) a 30.469

16 Felipe Lapenna (Hot Car/Cruze) a 31.254

17 Nelson Piquet Jr (Motul TMG Racing/Corolla) a 34.956

18 Rodrigo Baptista (Crown Racing/Cruze) a 36.181

19 Gustavo Frigotto (RKL Competições/Cruze) a 43.044

20 Tony Kanaan (Full Time Bassani/Corolla) a 46.040

21 Bruno Baptista (RCM Motorsport/Corolla) a 56.962

22 Gianluca Petecof (Full Time Sports/Corolla) a 1:01.426

23 Cacá Bueno (Crown Racing/Cruze) a 1:08.570

24 Lucas Foresti (KTF Sports/Cruze) a 1:14.397

25 Beto Monteiro (Scuderia CJ/Corolla) + 1 lap


1 Enzo Elias (Shell V-Power/Cruze)

2 Albert Costa (Blau Motorsport/Cruze) a 4.129

3 Augusto Farfus (Eurofarma-RC/Cruze) a 7.997

4 Gabriel Robe (AMattheis Vogel Motorsport/Cruze) a 10.135

5 Pietro Fittipaldi (Full Time Bassani/Corolla) a 17.386

6 Jeroen Bleekemolen (Full Time Bassani/Corolla) a 18.905

7 Danilo Dirani (RCM Motorsport/Corolla) a 20.670

8 Dennis Dirani (Ipiranga Racing/Corolla) a 22.583

9 Marçal Muller (Lubrax Podium Stock Car Team/Cruze) a 23.348

10 Pietro Rimbano (KTF Sports/Cruze) a 24.283

11 Renan Guerra (Shell V-Power/Cruze) a 30.338

12 Felipe Fraga (Crown Racing/Cruze) a 30.431

13 Alan Hellmeister (RCM Motorsport/Corolla) a 30.650

14 Arthur Leist (Full Time Sports/Corolla) a 35.365

15 Filipe Albuquerque (Eurofarma-RC/Cruze) a 36.776

16 Zezinho Muggiati (Scuderia CJ/Corolla) a 40.748

17 Maxime Soulet (Crown Racing/Cruze) a 43.955

18 Fábio Fogaça (RKL Competições/Cruze) a 44.082

19 Pedro Piquet (Motul TMG Racing/Corolla) a 44.575

20 Fran Rueda (Blau Motorsport/Cruze) a 49.002

21 Franco Girolami (Cavaleiro Sports/Cruze) a 1:12.138

22 Gabriel Bortoleto (KTF Sports/Cruze) a 1:16.652

23 Sérgio Ramalho (Hot Car/Cruze) a 1:16.728

24 Vitor Baptista (KTF Racing/Cruze) +1 lap


1 Gabriel Casagrande 41 pts

2 Daniel Serra 32

3 Thiago Camilo 31

4 Galid Osman 25

5 Ricardo Zonta 23

6 Allam Khodair 22

7 Rafael Suzuki 19

8 Marcos Gomes 19

9 Julio Campos 18

10 Gaetano di Mauro 15

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