Brazilian Stock Cars: Valdeno Brito takes pole

Brazilian Stock Cars: Valdeno Brito takes pole

Shell Racing driver puts an end to a five-year hiatus without scoring no pole-poisitions.

#77 Shell Racing Chevrolet: Valdeno Brito, Laurens Vanthoor
Rubens Barrichello, Full Time Chevrolet
#111 Full Time Competições Chevrolet: Rubens Barrichello, Ingo Hoffmann
Valdeno Brito and Jeroen Bleekemolen, Shell Racing Chevrolet
#18 Full Time Sports Chevrolet: Allam Khodair, Antonio Felix da Costa
Allam Khodair
Thiago Camilo, Ipiranga-RC Chevrolet
Allam Khodair
Marcos Gomes, #80 SP/Voxx Racing Team Peugeot
Daniel Serra, #29 Red Bull Racing and Marcos Gomes, #80 Voxx Racing Team
Felipe Fraga #88 Voxx Racing Team Peugeot

Blue skies and dry track in Santa Cruz do Sul for the fifth round of Brazilian Stock Car Championship. The perfect conditions to show a good balance between teams and drivers in contention for the first spot of the grid took place this Saturday afternoon in the southern part of the country.

Although 23 drivers qualified within the same second, it was Valdeno Brito who gave no chance for the competition and took his fifth career pole position - his last one was five years ago, at the Velopark circuit.

Marcos Gomes starts second

The Shell Racing driver flew through the 3,530 km track with an unbeatable 1min19s364, only 0s131 ahead of Marcos Gomes. Thiago Camilo opens the second row having Cacá Bueno alongside him. Season leader Julio Campos starts in P8.

"We had a lot of little troubles during this season, but we know our potential. We also knew that what we had gone through wasn’t really our reality. We were supposed to start in front row at Velopark, but we got a penalty. And this made the team even stronger from then on, and I have to thank all of them", said the poleman.

Top-3 title contenders start P8, P4 and P6, respectively

The races will be held this Sunday afternoon. Race 1, 34 laps long, starts at 1pm (Brazilian timezone), and Race 2, with 19 laps, at 2:20 pm with a 10-place grid reversed.

Starting Grid

1. 77. Valdeno Brito (Shell Racing) - 1min19s364
2. 80. Marcos Gomes (Voxx Racing Team) - 1min19s495
3. 21. Thiago Camilo (Ipiranga-RCM) - 1min19s512
4. 0. Cacá Bueno (Red Bull Racing) - 1min19s540
5. 18. Allam Khodair (Full Time Sports) - 1min19s582
6. 111. Rubens Barrichello (Full Time Sports) - 1min19s692
7. 88. Felipe Fraga (Voxx Racing Team) - 1min19s823
8. 4. Julio Campos (Prati-donaduzzi) - 1min19s835
9. 83. Gabriel Casagrande (C2 Team) - 1min19s842
10. 1. Antônio Pizzonia (Prati-donaduzzi) - 1min19s882
11. 29. Daniel Serra (Red Bull Racing) - 1min19s885
12. 90. Ricardo Maurício (Eurofarma RC) - 1min19s931
13. 51.Átila Abreu (AMG Motorsport) - 1min19s946
14. 65. Max Wilson (Eurofarma RC) - 1min19s981
15. 5. Denis Navarro (Vogel Motorsport) - 1min20s003
16. 28. Galid Osman (Ipiranga-RCM) - 1min20s083
17. 12. Lucas Foresti (AMG Motorsport) - 1min20s111
18. 14. Luciano Burti (RZ Motorsport) - 1min20s116
19. 2. Rafa Mattos (Schin Racing Team) - 1min20s142
20. 73. Sérgio Jimenez (C2 Team) - 1min20s190
21. 46. Vitor Genz (Boettger Competições) - 1min20s228
22. 70. Diego Nunes (Vogel Motorsport) - 1min20s244
23. 110. Felipe Lapenna (Schin Racing Team) - 1min20s334
24. 72. Felipe Fogaça (Hot Car Competições) - 1min20s425
25. 26. Raphael Abbate (Hot Car Competições) - 1min20s507
26. 74. Popó Bueno (Cavaleiro Racing Sports) - 1min20s544
27. 10. Ricardo Zonta (Shell Racing) - 1min20s550
28. 11. Cesar Ramos (Cavaleiro Racing Sports) - 1min20s731
29. 8. Rafael Suzuki (RZ Motorsport) - 1min20s734
30. 3. Bia Figueiredo (União Química Racing) - 1min21s100
31. 25. Tuka Rocha (União Química Racing) - 1min21s322
32. 9. Gustavo Lima (ProGP) - 1min21s634


Brazilian Stock Cars: Felipe Fraga starts ahead

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Brazilian Stock Cars: Marcos Gomes and Valdeno Brito take wins in Santa Cruz do Sul
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