Mission Valley Speedway results 2004-08-07

Nothing but the Hits at Mission Valley Speedway The Demolition Derby cars laid down some big hits in the infield, and kept the crowd entertained. Tim Denson ...

Mission Valley Speedway results 2004-08-07

Nothing but the Hits at Mission Valley Speedway

The Demolition Derby cars laid down some big hits in the infield, and kept the crowd entertained. Tim Denson #777 was after last years champion Tony Adams Jr. #2. Dennison couldn't refire his car and ended up finishing fourth, Adams got pushed up on a log and finished third. The two that battled down to the end were Troy Spence #241 and Derrick Carnes #26. The two made several head on hits and in the end Spence was the one who kept it running. Spence backed up delivered one final blow before the flags waved and he was declared the winner. Results are unofficial.

The Stuarts NAPA Bombers were on hand for 100 laps of racing. Mike Bettencourt #78 held down the early lead as Justin Drake #66, Mike Drake #1, and Ryan Troutwine #13 worked they way trough the field and all three got around Bettencourt. The first caution came out for a spin by Galen Larson #42. Then Larson got into the turn four wall very hard and knocked over the water barrels. Larson was all right, but the car was done for the night. First and second place Justin and Mike Drake got sent to the back of the pack for not stopping for the red flag. This moved Troutwine to the top spot, but he lost the lead when Ben Dumont #18 nudged him in turn three. Justin Drake snuck under both cars to take back the top spot. Mike Drake got it sideways and had to slow up, Troutwine went to go around him on the high side and the contact pulled Troutwine's front sheet metal out. Jessie Dicken #88 got up on the dirt bank in turns one and two leaving his car parked precariously, but he would return to the race. Then the big one happened as Rob Watt Sr. #38, Greg Dicken #9, Bettencourt, and Wes Miljies #35 all spun in turn one. After the restart Bettencourt, Greg Dicken and Miljies all got together again with Dicken and Miljies taking trips into the infield. All of this happened in just the first 50 laps as Justin Drake was leading going into the break ahead of Troutwine and Mike Drake.

The second 50 lap segment actually had some green flag runs as the first four cars Drake, Troutwine, Drake and Pete Zeiler #44 were running nose to tail. Bettencourt spun to bring out the segments first caution. The lapped car of Bettencourt then received a black flag for turning into Troutwine's right rear. Then Zeiler went for a spin coming out of turn two bringing out a caution. On the restart Mike Drake went below the white line and took out Troutwine earning a black flag. Troutwine got a flat but made it back out for the restart. With two to go Dumont tangled with Zeiler, the two were battling each other for third and went for spins in turn four. Justin Drake #66 held the lead the whole second segment and took the win and the trophy. Ryan Troutwine #13 and Pete Zeiler #44 got second and third place trophies. Ben Dumont #18 came in fourth and Steve Mills #69 got fifth.

The Krusers hit the track for some two person team work driving. Shawn Carpentier and Chase Toulou #118 had the spin of the night as they got sideways going for the lead out of turn four and fought the car all the way down the front stretch, and finally looped it in turn one. John Swenson and Ron Peterson #147 got sideways and got moved to the pack of the pack for going below the white line. David Hall and Rick Sanders #113 were putting the heat on race leaders Robert Hall and AJ Sanders #188 as the two teams put on a great battle for the lead. With three laps to go the Krusers proved that the R gear is for race as they turned around and finished the race driving in reverse. The first of the backwards driving mishaps was when Jeremy Rice and Clint Morgan #131 got into Hall and Sanders #188 and they both spun. Then Rice and Morgan went for another spin. Jerry Taber and David Tammen#101 took a little spin in the 101 Dalmatians car. Hall and Sanders #113 were driving a smooth race in reverse and holding down the lead, but Swenson and Peterson made a last lap charge and they hauled the mail going into turn three and spun. David Hall and Rick Sanders #113 came across the line first then did a nice spin around to face the right direction as the picked up the win ahead of Swenson and Peterson and Hall and Sanders.

Ronan Pioneer Days Committee putt on the Demolition Derby. Timberlane Auto sponsored the bomber race. Timberlane Auto threw in some money for the highest finishing bomber drivers that didn't trade paint. Charla Talsma brought out a stunning 68 Superbird trophy car. Sandra Dumont a sixteen year old out of Charlo was the trophy girl.

A double header is on tap this weekend. Saturday night will feature a truck pulling contest along with Pepsi/Pizza Hut Super Stocks, Budweiser compacts, Noon's Formula Indy's hit the track. Then Sunday tuff trucks will be getting some sick air along with some kruser racing.

Unofficial Results

Stuart's NAPA Autocare Bombers

100 Lap Main Event: 1) 66 Justin Drake 2) 13 Ryan Troutwine 3) 44 Pete Zeiler 4) 18 Ben Dumont 5) 69 Steve Mills 6) 43 David Scray 7) 38 Rob Watt Sr. 8) 35 Wes Miljies 9) 78 Mike Bettencourt 10) 9 Greg Dicken 11) 88 Jessie Dicken 12) 42 Galen Larson 13) 1 Mike Drake


Main Event: 1) 113 David Hall/Rick Sanders 2) 147 John Swenson/Ron Peterson 3) 188 Robert Hall/AJ Sanders 4) 101 Jerry Taber/David Tammen 5) 131 Jeremy Rice/Clint Morgan 6) 118 Shawn Carpentier/Chase Toulou



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