NEI Dirt Tour Cresco results

Kevin Pittman charged to the front early in the B&D Drywall NEI Dirt Tour A-Main, and he was able to hold off "Chargin'" Charlie McKenna for the win at Cresco Speedway on June 23, 2004. Kevin Pittman (Waterloo, IA) used the low side of the ...

NEI Dirt Tour Cresco results

Kevin Pittman charged to the front early in the B&D Drywall NEI Dirt Tour A-Main, and he was able to hold off "Chargin'" Charlie McKenna for the win at Cresco Speedway on June 23, 2004.

Kevin Pittman (Waterloo, IA) used the low side of the racetrack to put the Doctor Dan Darnold, Bob Walters Trucking Skyrock to the top spot. Pittman continued to use the low side until a yellow on lap 9.

On the restart, Charlie McKenna (Clear Lake, IA) motored around Pittman on the high side into the lead, but a yellow flag came out before the lap was completed.

"Charlie (McKenna) was definitely the class of the field tonight," commented Pittman in victory lane. "He made on pass on me, but the yellow came out. During that yellow, I decided I needed to go to the high side."

"I went to the high side," added Pittman. "The car was extremely tight. It (the car) just would not turn. I decided to drive just off of the cushion to free the car up."

The two continued with Pittman out front and McKenna trying to get around him. Pittman would take the win, and McKenna finished second.

"The two-to-go flag caught me off guard," admitted McKenna. "I thought I had one more lap before that (the two-to-go flag). I was trying to figure out how to get around Kevin. We went into (turn) three on the last lap, and I got a run underneath him, but if I didn't let off, I would have run up into him. I had to let him by. It was a good run for the team."

Ron Barker (Dubuque, IA) and Mike Sorensen (Rochester, MN) were apart of the battle for the lead through the first half of the 25-lap B&D Drywall A-Main. During the closing stages of the race, the two were battling for third place a few car lengths behind the leaders. Barker finished third, and Sorenson was fourth. Todd Ihde (Decorah, IA) rounded out the Top 5.

K-98.5/97.7 KCRR heat races winners were Pittman, Sorensen, and Jesse Fericks.

The North East Iowa Dirt Tour would like to thank, Sub City on the College Hill (Cedar Falls, IA), B&D Drywall (Waterloo, IA), Karbrick Distributing (Mason City, IA), K-98.5 (Waterloo, IA), 97.7 KCRR (Waterloo, and the Mighty Howard County Fair Borad.

Cresco Speedway
Cresco, IA
June 23, 2004

1. Kevin Pittman / Cedar Falls, IA
2. Charlie McKenna / Clear Lake, IA
3. Ron Barker / Dubuque, IA
4. Mike Sorensen / Rochester, MN
5. Todd Ihde / Decorah, IA
6. Brad Waits / Zumbroda, MN
7. Tim Donlinger / Rochester, MN
8. Shawn Ryan / Waterloo, IA
9. Keith Schmitz / Swaledale, IA
10. Doug Hillson / Blooming Prairie, MN
11. Darrin Walch / Postville, IA
12. Owen Grube / Combridge, MN
13. Marty Thompson / Mineral, IL
14. Keith Pittman / Waterloo, IA
15. Matt Sweeney / Waukon, IA
16. Tim Heins / Elkader, IA
17. Brian Schrage / Cresco, IA
18. Joey Schaefer / Waterloo, IA
19. Clayton Thomas / Waterloo, IA
20. Dan Bohr / Decorah, IA
21. Jesse Fericks / Pine Island, MN
22. Chad Lerch / Arlington, IA
23. Wade Russell / Dunkerton, IA
24. Mike Darnell / West Union, IA
25. Ron Konkell / Caledonia, MN (DNS)

K-98.5 HEAT RACE 1:
1. Kevin Pittman, 2. Marty Thompson, 3. Shawn Ryan, 4. Matt Sweeney, 5. Tim Donlinger, 6. Doug Hillson, 7. Joey Schaefer, 8. Keith Pittman, 9. Clayton Thomas.

1. Mike Sorensen, 2. Ron Barker, 3. Charlie McKenna, 4. Keith Schmitz, 5. Owen Grube, 6. Brian Schrage, 7. Tim Heins, 8. Ron Konkel.

K-98.5 HEAT RACE 3:
1. Jesse Fericks, 2. Todd Ihde, 3. Brad Waits, 4. Darrin Walch, 5. Chad Lerch, 6. Wade Russell, 7. Mike Darnell, 8. Dan Bohr.

1. Tom Schmitt / Independence, IA
2. Scott Bauer / Riceville, IA
3. Brian Gjere / Mabel, MN
4. Tory Reicks / Lawler, IA
5. Gerald Peter / Mabel, MN
6. Dale Kuennen / Calmar, IA
7. Rodney Necker / Sumner, IA
8. Brian Dinger / Decorah, IA
9. Mike Bergan / Cresco, IA
10. Jeff Vsetecka / Charles City, IA
11. Kevin Opheim / Mason City, IA
12. Todd Toolefsrud / Mabel, MN
13. Chris Adams / Stacyville, IA
14. Jake Ludeking / Decorah, IA
15. Rick Byrnes / Decorah, IA
16. Lynn Panos / Protivin, IA
17. Scott Halverson / Decorah, IA
18. JR Boyer / St. Lucas, IA
19. Greg Mitchell / Decorah, IA
20. Kevin Bidne / Decorah, IA

1. Jeremy Moellers / Elma, IA
2. Steve Hothhaus / Cresco, IA
3. Gary Rotenberger / Calmar, IA
4. Patty Fosaaen / Waukon, IA
5. Kevin Donlan / Mabel, MN
6. Jimmy Broszeit / Frankville, IA
7. Dillon Anderson / Decorah, IA
8. Rod Freidhof / Cresco, IA
9. Bryan Webb / Decorah, IA
10. Kurt Krauskof / Decorah, IA
11. Jeff Larson / New Hampton, IA
12. Shane Panos / Decorah, IA
13. Michael Grantham / Clarksville, IA
14. Kenny Taylor / Strawberry Point, IA
15. Paul Fisk / Monona, IA
16. Joe Stevenson / Cresco, IA
17. Kurt Hartmann / Latimer, IA
18. Pete Solum / Spring Grove, MN
19. Shawn Erickson / Cresco, IA
20. Ben Moudry / Protivin, IA
21. Todd Einck / Decorah, IA
22. Steve Barlett / Decorah, IA
23. Carl Colsch / Eitzen, MN
24. Darin Balk / Waucoma, IA

1. Mitch Hovden / Decorah, IA
2. Brian Praska / Hawkeye, IA
3. Scott Spilde / Ridgeway, IA
4. Ryan Solum / Spring Grove, MN
5. Sam Wenthold / Waucoma, IA
6. Dan Kohnen / Spring Valley, MN
7. Kyle Anderson / Dorchester, IA
8. Marty Brainard / Monona, IA
9. Teddy Hughes Jr. / Postville, IA
10. Carissa Wagner / Monona, IA
11. Austin Curtin / Waukon, IA
12. Keith Schwartzhoff / Decorah, IA


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