Radical Canada expands West in British Columbia

Radical Canada has inaugurated a new dealer to serve the Western Canadian motorsport and performance driving community.

Radical Canada expands West in British Columbia
#2 FP1 Radical RPV8 driven by Alex Popow of JC Motorsports
Radical Racing car
#62 Team Vegas Radical SR3: Jesse Menczer, John Falb, Sean Rayhall, Todd Slusher
#48 Factory 48/CrowdStrike Radical SR3: Lee Alexander, John Falb, George Kurtz, Jeff Shafer
New Radical

Radical Canada West will provide local racers and track day enthusiasts with an exciting line of vehicles, parts, accessories and experiences featuring Radical Sportscars.

Established in 2013, Radical Canada is the official Canadian distributor of Radical Sportscars, a leading manufacturer of racing and track vehicles. Celebrating their 20th anniversary, Radical Sportscars create outstanding “value for performance” vehicles that continue to be the choice of club racers and track day enthusiasts the world over.

Radical Canada West has been established in Kelowna, British Columbia in order to best serve the growing market in Western Canada. Lead by dealer Principal David Cormier, Radical Canada West is well served to provide professional sales and service experience to new and existing clients.

With the newly opened Vancouver Island Motorsport Circuit and Area 27 in the British Columbia inland, the future is bright. And with an increased presence the desire to form a Radical Canada West racing championship is on the horizon. “With Radical’s series being very popular around the globe - from Europe to the US to Australia - there is no reason to believe it won’t be popular in Western Canada,” says Radical Canada President Robert Burgess.

A full complement of services will be offered at Radical Canada West’s facility and track-side at events across the west coast, including race and track day rentals for those who wish to try the car before purchasing.

“We will offer something unique in Canadian racing in terms of the level of support we can offer anyone who buys a car,” says David Cormier. “We want to make it as easy as possible for car enthusiasts and club racers to realize their dreams of driving a purpose built race car without having to invest in all the infrastructure and expertise typically involved. We’ll offer a full range of support services from complete ‘arrive and drive’ packages to being at the track with spare parts and expertise should any Radical owner need help during an event.”

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