Path Valley results 2005-04-15

Path Valley Greets First Time Sprint Winners Spring Run PA__ Greg Heckman of Chambersburg and Mike Freet of Spring Run won their first 305 Sprints features ever as the Path Valley Speedway Park completed eight feature events before 11:30 Friday ...

Path Valley results 2005-04-15

Path Valley Greets First Time Sprint Winners

Spring Run PA__ Greg Heckman of Chambersburg and Mike Freet of Spring Run won their first 305 Sprints features ever as the Path Valley Speedway Park completed eight feature events before 11:30 Friday night.

Two of the features were make-ups from the rainout April 1, and Allen Felix of Shippensburg won the Legends opener while Heckman won in the 305 Sprints. Freet won the night's regular 305 Sprints feature and Butch Brough of Newville won in the Legends. The regular 600 Sprints feature winner was Richie Fitz of Crystal Springs while Sean McAndrew of Pittsburg won in the 270 Sprints. In the stock car features, Frankie Gordon of Ft. Loudon won in the Mini Stocks and Jeremy Ott of Shippensburg won in the Thunder Cars.

Only two makeup features remain from April 1 and they will be raced next Friday night, April 22, in the Thunder Cars and the Mini Stocks when the V-8 Hobby Stocks make their bi-weekly visit for a night of racing with seven feature events.

At Path Valley rain makeups race before the night's regular heat races, and the 305 Sprints opened the show with Mike Wagner II roaring away to a big lead, only to spin out of turn four in lap seven and hand the front spot over the Tommy Beavers. Heckman passed on lap eight when Beavers went wide out of turn four. At the finish the front five were an unchallenged Heckman, Randy Kaylor, Jim Kennedy, Greg Hammaker, and Brent Comp.

Randy Kissinger led the Legends makeup until lap five when Allen Felix in his nationally ranked INEX championship #8 went to the inside out of turn two and walked away down the backstretch. Only two cautions allowed restarts and the front five behind Felix included Kissinger, Josh Morrow, Greg Burd and Jim Black.

The night's regularly scheduled 305 Sprints feature started with 'Flying Cowboy' Jim Kennedy spinning on lap one and handing the lead unchallenged to Mike Freet. Freet gained a lead of half the track before beginning to lap sprints on lap 11 and then weaved up and down the smooth banks to lap half the field. At the finish the front five were Freet, a persistent Kennedy, Brent Comp, Todd Spangler and Tommy Beavers. Freet and Kennedy won the heat races and Freet drew a zero inversion to start on the pole.

Butch Brough returned to his INEX championship style as he took the lead on the second lap of the Legends feature and shot away from the field with only Josh Morrow in close proximity. Only one caution regrouped the replica cars and at the finish the front five were Brough, Morrow, Randy Kissinger, Allen Felix and Randy Fetterolf. Kissinger and Fetterolf won the heats.

The 270 Sprints and the 600 Sprints, along with the Mini Stocks and Thunder Cars, race every week at Path Valley and Sean McAndrew of Pittsburgh made his long trip worthwhile as he started on the pole and led every lap of the night's 270 Sprints feature. Danny Holtgraver and then brother Ryan McAndrew finished second and third and Tom Tice and Cody Darrah rounded out the front five. Craig Myers and Ryan McAndrew won the heats.

Jake Murphy followed by Nathan Hauck led the first two 600 Sprints laps and then the pair kissed and flipped out of turn two and down the backstretch, handing the lead over to Cody Darrah until lap 19 when amid lapped cars Darrah rode up on Travis Saner's #17 out of turn four and Fitz in the Bullrider factory sprint went to the outside for the pass and a lap later the win. Fitz, Darrah, Gary Linderman, Donnie Hendershot and Jim Young were the front five finishers and the heat winners were Hauck, Murphy and Fitz.

After a lap three caution, Jeremy Ott got the Thunder Car lead from Joe Hawbaker and the two raced away with several restarts but with no mistakes from Ott to let Hawbaker catch him. Ott, Hawbaker, Wes Scofield, John Rasp and Lyle Barnes were the front five. Tony Weller and Terry Smith won the heats.

The four-cylinder Modified Mini Stocks feature proved a thriller as Ronnie Garlock of Three Springs and Frankie Gordon of Ft. Loudon battled lap after lap for the win. Garlock led early; then Gordon took over in lap ten and led by a turn until two lap 15 cautions regrouped the cars. Gordon, Garlock, Kevin Thomas, Tim Burkholder and Gary Dehart finished in the front five and Ralph Morgan and Burkholder won the heats.


PA 305 Sprints (April 1) -- Gary Heckman (started 3), Randy Kaylor, Jim Kennedy, Greg Hammaker, Brent Comp, Mike Wagner II, Todd Spangler, Michael Alleman, Tommy Beavers, Jeff Hoover.

Central PA Legends (April 1) -- Allen Felix (started 7), Randy Kissinger, Josh Morrow, Greg Burd, Jim Black, Randy Fetterolf, Jim Halbert, Zach Deiter, Geremey Sheaffer, Bill Harris, Pat McDermott, Robert Sobieski, John Shutt, Amy Staver, Ronald Cooper, Nathan Fisher, DNS Lawrence Garrison, Bob Murray, Andy Lupfer.

600 Sprints -- Richie Fitz (started 3), Cody Darrah, Gary Linderman, Donnie Hendershot, Jim Young, Jim Brookens, Rodney Glass, Rob Griffin, Jordon Frontz, Chris Crull, Justin Frontz, Tim Brown, Travis Saner, Dane Delancey, Rod Schell, Jake Murphy, Nathan Hauck, Nick Saner, Greg Kone, Lyle Stroman, Mark Strickler. Heats to Hauck, Murphy, Fitz.

270 Sprints -- Sean McAndrew (started 1), Danny Holtgraver, Ryan McAndrew, Tom Tice, Cody Darrah, Chad Myers, Craig Myers, A.J. Bast, Matt Horst, Nathan Hauck, Zack Zook, Eric Spahr, Aaron Spahr, Jesse Howell, Heath Hehnly, DNS Chad Hough. Heats to Craig Myers, Ryan McAndrew.

305 Sprints -- Mike Freet (started 1), James Kennedy, Brent Comp, Todd Spangler, Tommy Beavers, Randy Kaylor, Greg Hammaker, Jeff Hoover, Mike Wagner II, Michael Alleman, DNS Gary Heckman. Heats to Freet, Kennedy.

Legends -- Butch Brough (started 2), Josh Morrow, Randy Kissinger, Allen Felix, Randy Fetterolf, Bill Harris, Bob Moyer, Zach Deiter, Darryl Bloom, Jim Halbert, Robert Sobieski, Amy Staver, John Shutt, Geremey Sheaffer, Ronald Cooper, Nathan Fisher, Greg Burd, James Black, Pat McDermott. Heats to Kissinger, Fetterolf.

Thunder Cars -- Jeremy Ott (started 3), Joe Hawbaker, Wes Scofield, John Rasp, Lyle Barnes, Ken Lawrence, Melvin Bigler, Jeff Christy, Tony Weller, Terry Smith, Tim Varner, Rocky Payne, Greg Fuller Jr., Chuck Ingram, Zac Smith. Heats to Weller, Smith.

Mini Stock -- Frank Gordon (started 3), Ronnie Garlock, Kevin Thomas, Tim Burkholder, Gary Dehart, Steve McCartney, Ralph Morgan, Steve Hanes, Mike Beidel, JR Fogelsonger, Dave Bivens, Kyle Wiser, Troy Eckenrode, DNS Charles Stallman. Heats to Morgan, Burkholder.


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