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Ricciardo: Renault needs to "keep positivity" after morale swings

Renault Formula 1 driver Daniel Ricciardo admits that heads had dropped at the Enstone team in recent weeks, and hopes the Japanese Grand Prix result can kickstart a run of “positivity.”

Why Ferrari is spurning the "easiest" Vettel/Leclerc solution Prime

Why Ferrari is spurning the "easiest" Vettel/Leclerc solution

Ferrari's return to form has given it the headache of two drivers going head-to-head to become team leader, but its approach to handling the situation raises questions as to whether it's chosen the right strategy.

Grosjean: Split-screen can fix F1's midfield TV coverage

Romain Grosjean reckons a split-screen option would be a “cool” fix to Formula 1’s problem of not showing enough battles while television coverage focuses on race leaders.

Vasseur believes race pace will be "easier to find" for Alfa

Alfa Romeo Formula 1 boss Fred Vasseur says there’s “no need to panic” over the team’s struggles to find race pace in recent Grand Prix weekends given its strong qualifying form.

Verstappen: Ricciardo Red Bull dynamic was "ideal situation"

Max Verstappen says the ideal teammate for him in Formula 1 is one who can push him to greater heights like Daniel Ricciardo did.

McLaren outlines opposition to Japan-like F1 weekend format

McLaren team principal Andreas Seidl thinks it would not be right for Formula 1 to hold qualifying and the race on the same day in the future, despite the format proving popular in Japan.

Ranked! Intriguing F1 star tests that led nowhere
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Ranked! Intriguing F1 star tests that led nowhere

Formula 1 testing is always a peak time of interest and intrigue, but it has also brought about unexpected driver and team link-ups.

Promoted: How working from home boosted motorsport TV coverage
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Promoted: How working from home boosted motorsport TV coverage

Televising major motorsports events has always been a massive operation, requiring many cameras, tonnes of equipment and people to travel around the world. However, breakthroughs in technology and fibre connectivity recently have meant that a broadcast revolution has been happening in Formula 1, MotoGP and World Rally Championship; the ability for the series to produce their live coverage from their home base, thousands of miles away from the event.

F1 set to abandon reverse grid idea for 2020

Formula 1 looks set to abandon attempts to trial different race weekend formats in 2020, in the wake of teams failing to get behind the idea for reverse grids earlier this week.

Why F1 teams fear 2021 rules will lead to 'GP1 racing' Prime

Why F1 teams fear 2021 rules will lead to 'GP1 racing'

As Formula 1 heads to its next era, fears of a GP1 'spec series' are surfacing among team bosses and designers. But will F1's 2021 push close down creativity and create cars that all look the same?

Petrobras set to terminate McLaren sponsorship deal

McLaren's sponsorship deal with Brazilian oil company Petrobras looks set to be brought to an official end within a matter of days, has learned.

Abiteboul: 2019 "by far the most difficult season" for me

Renault managing director Cyril Abiteboul says 2019 has been the most difficult season he has faced in Formula 1, but insists critics who say his team have "lost the plot" are wrong.

Vettel: Only real chequered flag should end races

Sebastian Vettel believes only a real chequered flag should end a Formula 1 race after the Japanese Grand Prix result was rolled back one lap because of a system error.

Back-to-back test: Compare new F1 aero parts used in Japan

Besides Mercedes’ highly successful aero update for the Japanese Grand Prix, three other Formula 1 teams brought significant new pieces to Suzuka as each searched for an upturn in form. Take a look at what changed, and what the pieces looked like before the revisions.

Why F1 must learn from its bad decisions of the past
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Why F1 must learn from its bad decisions of the past

As Formula 1's 2021 rules debate moves towards its – delayed – crunch point, we look back at the missteps that have made its self-improvement efforts so complicated.

Gallery: All of Kimi Raikkonen's F1 race wins

On the occasion of Kimi Raikkonen's 40th birthday, here is the list of all of his Formula 1 victories, starting with his maiden triumph way back in 2003.

Why Button can relate to Vettel's 2019 woes Prime

Why Button can relate to Vettel's 2019 woes

Sebastian Vettel's form has no doubt improved, but it's clear Ferrari's 2019 Formula 1 car doesn't suit his style. One fellow world champion can relate to that - an example that proves just one characteristic is the difference between the great and the good

Haas not expecting end of season to be any better

Haas Formula 1 team boss Gunther Steiner is resigned to a difficult end to 2019 after another frustrating weekend for the US-owned outfit in Japan.

Ferrari engine under scrutiny as F1 teams chase FIA

A number of Ferrari's Formula 1 rivals have written to the FIA for clarity over the legality of design aspects they believe are behind the Italian team's engine advantage.

Senna to be honoured in Sao Paulo Fan Festival

Ayrton Senna is to be honoured by an official Formula 1 Fan Festival to be held in his home town of Sao Paulo on Saturday November 9th, a week before the Brazilian GP.

Has too much downforce made F1 too easy? Prime

Has too much downforce made F1 too easy?

Social media footage of Charles Leclerc driving one-handed and flat-out at Suzuka last weekend has reignited the debate over whether Formula 1 has become too easy - but is it as simple as that?

Renault's development hurt by wind tunnel shutdown

Renault has revealed that its aero development progress since the summer break was hurt by it needing to put its wind tunnel out of action for several weeks for an upgrade.

Ranked! Top 10 rare F1 car liveries
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Ranked! Top 10 rare F1 car liveries

Formula 1's strict rules governing car liveries means we don't get to see much variety from teams during a season, but in the past it was a different matter.

Insight: The full story of why Verstappen switched F1 helmets

We visited Schuberth's F1 helmet factory to speak with its bosses about new FIA standards, and discuss just how it came to land a deal with Max Verstappen for the 2019 season.