TCR Asia Pacific series could launch in 2020

There could be a TCR Asia Pacific series up and running as soon as 2020, which would include events in Australia and New Zealand.

TCR Asia Pacific series could launch in 2020

There's been a rapid rise of TCR activity in the Oceania region, with the Australian Racing Group having launched TCR Australia this year, and secured the rights to kick off TCR New Zealand in the early part of 2020.

That's led to discussions about how the two Australasian series could collaborate with the TCR markets in Asia.

There is currently a TCR Asia series, which features three of its five races in China, as well as one at Sepang and another on the Bansgean street circuit in Thailand.

According to TCR founder Marcello Lotti, the likely next step is a TCR Asia Pacific series incorporating south eastern parts of Asia as well as Australian and New Zealand.

"At the moment there is TCR Asia, with their promoter. The structure of the calendar is more far north, so China. [There is] a lot of China, because there was not already any other TCR [in the region]," said Lotti.

"Today with TCR Australia, tomorrow with New Zealand, the market is much bigger and I’m sure the promoter will take this into consideration, this area of the calendar.

"So, probably, it will be more Asia Pacific-oriented than only [northern] Asia, like today."

When asked when he thought an Asia Pacific series might kick off he added: "I think that could start next season, where there could be some shared events in 2020.”

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Lotti added that the shared promoter concept between Australia and New Zealand is a boost for the region, given that ARG – heavily backed by property development company Payce – has been able to quickly establish a decent TCR Australia field.

“Compared to other promoters, they've really made a fantastic start," said Lotti. "Probably they invested more, but they have the results, quicker, faster, than the others.

"I spoke with [ARG], I think that at next event they'll probably have three more cars, 21, which is great for the first season.

"I think what they've done correctly is that they really make a championship with ID, TCR ID. This is important when you start.

"News [about ARG promoting] TCR New Zealand clearly also makes it better in the future for any competitor who wants to invest in TCR here, so it is good."

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