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Five worthless opinions: Fontana MAVTV 500 edition

Flying cars, five-wide racing, hurt feelings, and a Rahal back in Victory Lane - All that and more highlighted this past weekend's wild 500-miler.

Five worthless opinions: The IndyCar Dual in Detroit

Mark Wilkinson is back with his 'five worthless opinions' regarding IndyCar's rain-marred doubleheader at Belle Isle.

Sibling rivalry: the plight of the GP of Indianapolis

Can the GP of Indy be given that "win at Indy" status or will it always be considered the little brother to the big show?

Five worthless opinions: Honda Indy Grand Prix of Alabama edition

Mark Wilkinson looks at this past weekend's IndyCar race and how it sets up what he hopes will be an exciting Month of May.

Five worthless opinions: IndyCar's Long Beach dilemma

Long Beach got away from the debris debacles of St. Pete, the weather woes of NOLA, but the on-track really didn't meet expectations.

Five worthless opinions: IndyCar at St. Petersburg

Mark Wilkinson is back with his 'five worthless opinions' series.

IndyCar, Boston and Labor Day

Could an IndyCar race date on Labor Boston bring the sport back to a major hub of American sports and revive the season finale event? contributor Mark Wilkinson believes

Millennials and the future of auto racing

Which racing discipline will capitalize and find the right hook to find the money spenders of Mark Wilkinson seems to think IndyCar has an edge.

Worshiping at the aero kit altar in IndyCar

Mark Wilkinson breaks down the introduction of aero kits to IndyCar and the three different attitudes towards them.

Competition vs. dominance: IndyCar's aero kits

Mark Wilkinson says that it doesn't matter how the aero kits look, it matter's how they race.

IndyCar’s open-cockpit conundrum

The truth isn't always what we want to hear, but it is still the truth.

2015 singers of 'Back Home Again' for Indy 500 named

With Jim Nabors hanging up the vocal cords ... Figuratively, we will have new singers and possibly a new tradition at IMS in 2015.

IndyCar starts and stops

Mark Wilkinson talks about the loss of standing starts in the IndyCar series.

IndyCar, loosen your grip

Part of the fun of offseasons is all the seat swapping, head-turning comments, and other wheeling and dealings that keep fans engaged. Not so much in my beloved world of IndyCar.

The end of the IndyCar Mom and Pop

Changes are coming to Hulman & Company.

A scary IndyCar Halloween

Happy Halloween IndyCar? 'Happy' may be stretching it...

Ovals ... A dying breed in IndyCar

Why are ovals fading out of IndyCar?

IndyCar goes dark as many 2015 questions remain unanswered

There are many unknowns concerning the 2015 IndyCar season.

Ten worthless opinions: IndyCar season finale

The IndyCar season has come to a close and Will Power has been crowned champion.

Strategy, fine wine, and the GoPro Grand Prix of Sonoma

Will Power led the field to the green flag, Scott Dixon took the checkered flag, and a lot happened in between.

In defense of IndyCar Race Control...

I may criticize the powers that be, but for once, I do have to come out in defense of IndyCar Race Control.

Honda Indy Toronto: Red flag edition

There were six red flags between both IndyCar races this past weekend.

Ovalistas, where are you?

The attendance at most IndyCar oval races has been dwindling for years now.

Spec racing in IndyCar: long live the spec!

Spec racing is part of IndyCar now, and there's nothing wrong with that.

The paradigm has shifted: IndyCar is a street course series

With much of the IndyCar schedule looking like a street course series, will we see more in the future. Mark Wilkinson discusses where the money is for IndyCar

Texas Motor Speedway in my rearview mirror

Mark Wilkinson gives his take on the IndyCar race at Texas Motor Speedway.

Will Power: Dr. Jekyll or Mr. Hyde?

Should Will Power embrace the black hat persona for IndyCar?

2014 Indianapolis 500: The good, the bad, and the ugly - Part Three

Part Three of Mark Wilikinson's three-part assessment of the Indianapolis 500.

2014 Indianapolis 500: The good, the bad, and the ugly - Part Two

Part Two of Mark Wilikinson's three-part assessment of the Indianapolis 500.

2014 Indianapolis 500: The good, the bad, and the ugly - Part One

Part One of Mark Wilikinson's three-part assessment of the Indianapolis 500.

Sitting in judgement of Indy 500 time trials

What's everyone think of the new qualifying format for the Indy 500?

Indy 500 time trials: a new day is dawning

Mark Wilkinson's thoughts on the new Indy 500 qualifying format.

The inaugural Grand Prix of Indianapolis: IMS gets it right…and wrong

Mark Wilkinson looks back on the Grand Prix of Indy and comes to the conclusion that they did a lot of things right, but also did a lot of things wrong.

Ten worthless opinions: 2014 month of May edition

Another edition of 'Ten Worthless Opinions' by Mark Wilkinson.

Peonies, lilacs, and the Indy 500

I wrote the following for The Polk Street Review, Noblesville, Indiana’s best (and only) literary review.  The book was divided into monthly sections this year, and because of my love for the Indy 500, I was asked to write about the month of May.  It touches on a little more than just the race.  If you grew up in small-town Indiana in the 1960′s, you will understand.

Figures lie: IndyCar, golf, and sponsorship

High end sponsorship? Is that what IndyCar needs?

IndyCar edgy at Long Beach

The tempers are on fire after a barn burner in Long Beach.

The confusion of being an IndyCar fan

IMS Radio is doing a better job calling the action than ABC?

Ten worthless opinions: Firestone Grand Prix of St. Petersburg edition

Thoughts from a seasoned IndyCar fan..take them or leave them.

Ten worthless opinions: IndyCar preseason edition

Blogger Mark Wilkinson offers up his 10 worthless opinions (not so worthless really!) ahead of the first race of the season in St. Pete.

Is IndyCar "Almost Famous?"

Will a new title sponsor and concerts make IndyCar rock and roll cool? Hipster cool? Not cool?

Indianapolis Motor Speedway: museum or racing facility?

Should IMS hold itself to one race a year for tradition's sake, or make money by attracting more races to its hallowed grounds?

The long dark winter of IndyCar

What is IndyCar doing with its offseason?

Truth in advertising: how to market IndyCar

Some tips for marketing the ailing IndyCar series.

In IndyCar, “The Song Remains the Same”

In IndyCar, “The Song Remains the Same”

The many songs of the MAVTV 500

Remembering this years season finale race in a handful of songs with writer Mark Wilkinson

The third time was not the charm in Baltimore

The IZOD IndyCar Series needs races like Baltimore.

The Go Beaux Grand Prix of Sonoma

Is race control effecting IndyCar results too much?

The tale of the turbo in IndyCar: let’s all just get along

IndyCar is approaching a one-make series with engine mandates...

Made-for-TV Drama: IndyCar and the NBC Sports Network

What does NASCAR's big time contract with NBC mean for IndyCar?

Luck is a powerful force in motorsports

New Track Record explores the luck aspect of IndyCar racing at Pocono.

IndyCar and Television: A dysfunctional relationship

The Farce of IndyCar: who is broadcasting this week?

IndyCar needs a sugar daddy

What is missing from IndyCar right now? Money!

What IndyCar fans want

The Firestone 550 at Texas has started a lot of conversation in the motorsports world.

A Tale of Two Detroit Cities

The first of the IndyCar Series double-headers received a variety of reactions. Blogger Mark Wilkinson offers his take on the two races at the Belle Isle street circuit.

Ten worthless opinions: Indianapolis 500 race fan edition

The month of May 2014 cannot come fast enough for the fans.

The Indianapolis 500: iconic is more than a word

The list is long but worth the read as it truly shows the historic significance and why the Indianapolis 500 is known worldwide.