Noosa Hillclimb - Queensland event report

In its fourth year, the Bank of Queensland Noosa Hill Climb simply keeps growing. This year, 145 drivers took to the gruelling 1500m of road, in the Tewantin State Forest, just kilometres from Noosa's famous beaches. The Historic Racing Car Club of ...

Noosa Hillclimb - Queensland event report

In its fourth year, the Bank of Queensland Noosa Hill Climb simply keeps growing. This year, 145 drivers took to the gruelling 1500m of road, in the Tewantin State Forest, just kilometres from Noosa's famous beaches. The Historic Racing Car Club of Queensland and the Noosa Beach Classic Car Club promoted the event, ensuring that the final Historic event in the state for the year was a big one.

Pre 1960 Sports/Racing- Historic Kb

Dick Vermuelen set a new class record in his 1935 Ford V8 Special, with a 70.90sec pass on his last run, taking a whopping 3.83sec off his record for the over 1500cc bracket set last year. In fact, Vermuelen bettered that mark in his first run on Saturday, and only took more time off it in subsequent runs. Neil Corbet finished second with a 75.41sec run in his Ford V8 Special, followed by John Corbet (Ford V8 HRC, 77.94sec), Bruce McPhail (Austin, 84.42sec) and David Fletcher (Austin 7, 91.75sec).

Pre 1960 Sports/Racing- Historic Lb

David Bruce was unopposed in taking victory in his 1959 WRM with a 77.46sec run, after his only opponent in the class, Mike Gehde, crashed his MG Buchanan TF at point three on his first run, early on Saturday morning. Gehde survived intact, however the damage was irreparable for a return to the track within 2 days.

Pre 1960 Sports/Racing

Rob Baylis guided his 1947 MGTC to victory, with a 76.52sec run early on Sunday morning. He beat home John Evens (Holden Mann Power Special, 78.10sec), Des Donnan (Frazer Nash Boulogne 2, 79.51sec), and Peter Rae (Morris Austin Special, 81.37sec) who suffered mechanical problems nearing the top of the hill, but repaired the problem to be able to drive back to the pits. Fifth in class was Barry Smith's Ford Special (82.19sec), then Terry Hanly (Nedelko Special, 82.21sec), and Rod Hiley (MGTC, 85.53sec.

Sports/Racing- Historic M

After taking out his class in the recent Australian Hill Climb Championship at Mount Cotton, Peter Quayle took his Jolus Minx up the hill in 64.82sec, to better his record that he set last year of 65.59sec. Quayle's time was also the fastest of all Historic cars competing over the weekend. The only other car competing in the class was Graham Brown's Lynx Formula Junior, with a 65.68sec run.

Sports/Racing- Historic O

Peter Boel won the class in his Flintstone Ford (65.68sec) from John Girard's O'Farell F2 (72.30sec).

Sports/Racing Division- 1

Enter the big bangers! Warwick Hutchinson took three runs up the hill in his rotary powered RPV J4F to set a fastest time of 57.73sec, before mechanical dramas set in and meant that he was unable to compete in his last two runs. However, his time was unable to better the existing outright record, set in 2000 by Chris Lake (57.19sec).

The Lake's Axtell Suzuki was back, with Simon setting the early pace with a 60.00sec first run, before setting a 58.11sec time. Chris Lake completed a first run of 61.64sec, before it all came unstuck. On the second run, the Suzuki dropped a trail of oil most of the way up the hill, before spinning on the exit of turn six, into the inside dirt embankment, putting the car out of action on Sunday.

Sports/Racing Division- 2

Dick Wills won the class, and claimed third outright for the weekend in his Cheetah Mk 6, after getting down to 59.89sec on his fourth run. Zach McAfee finished second in his Lamco Formula Vee with an impressive 68.03sec run.

Sports Cars- Historic Sa

The only competitor in this class, Russell Beckman (MGA) set a 71.46sec time.

Sports Cars- Historic Sb

Don Lake was only just able to beat his 1601-2000cc class record by 0.06sec with a 69.09sec pass in his MGB Roadster. Second in class was another MGB, this one being piloted by Russell Crew to a 70.85sec time on his fifth and final run. In third position was Bruce Forsyth (Datsun 2000 Sports, 71.22sec), followed by Bill Elvery (MGB, 72.23sec), and Helen Kingcott (MGB, 79.01sec).

Sports Cars- Historic Sc

David Whitehouse put the Nota Fang on top of the time sheet with a 67.46sec run, the fastest Sc time recorded in four years. Bruce Richards bettered his previous class record with a 69.67sec run in his Datsun 240Z, with Rob Switzer in another 240Z picking up third in class (71.80sec) from Norm Singleton (Fiat Arbarth, 74.67sec) and Richard Watkins (Lancia Beta Coupe, 76.91sec).

Sports Cars- Pre 1960 Run on Models

Lindsay Hay, driving an Austin Healy Sprite Mk 2 won the class with a 69.92sec pass on Saturday afternoon. Trevor Tilling (Datsun 2000 Sports) just missed out on the win, with his best run of 71.00sec on Sunday afternoon. In third was Stephen Rochester (Triumph TR3A, 72.19sec), followed by Peter Walsh (Jaguar E Type, 74.86sec), Allan Conway (Lotus 7 S2, 78.14sec), Phillip Redhead (MGA, 80.39sec), Stephen Wilkins (Austin Healy Sprite Mk 3, 80.78sec), Peter Bennett (MGB Mk 2, 84.24sec) and Greg Bankin (Austin Healy 100-6, 87.78sec).

Sports Cars- Division 1 Pre 1977

David Reynolds lowered his best time in his final run (70.78sec) to take out the class in a Lotus Europa. Jeff Sattler (MGB Roadster) finished second with a time of 72.83sec, followed home by Peter Ganderton's MGB (76.53sec), the second of the Lotus Europa's, this one being steered by John Blackburn (77.00sec), Alan Don' Trumph Spitfire 1500 (79.47sec), and Michael Goodfellow's Lotus Elan + 2 (80.85sec).

Sports Cars- Division 2 Pre 1977

Trevor Bassett won what was essentially the `Alfa Shootout' in his Alfa Romeo GT Junior with a time 67.81sec on his fifth and final run. Jason Wishart finished second in an Alfa Romeo GTV 2000 (68.78sec), Manuel Pena's Alfa Romeo GTV (71.66sec), the sole Triumph TR 6 of Rufus Pullar (71.82sec), then two more GTV's, Barry Wise (72.87sec) and Paul Young (74.99sec).

Sports Cars- Division 3 Pre 1977

Otherwise known as the `Datsun Z' class, Jon Siddens pushed his 240 variety up the mountain in a time of 63.84sec, to beat Greg Hilton's similar car, which set a time of 66.73sec. In third was Lee Falkner in a 260Z (67.10sec), then Robert Brooks (240Z, 69.50sec), Laurie Longland (260Z, 72.79sec) and Gordon Lepp (240Z, 74.42sec).

Sports Cars- Division 1 Marque Sports

Ken Wheeler (CRD) was unopposed in victory after the only other car in the class, Anthony Vine's ASP 340c, failed to complete its first and only run. Wheeler's best time was a 71.11sec.

Sports Cars- Division 2 Marque Sports

Jason McMillen's Caterham Seven, with a 64.99sec run on Saturday morning, took out the battle of the clubman's. Second in class went to Eric Blythe's Westfield SE (67.82sec), then Malcolm Smith's PRB Clubman (67.83sec), David Strtham's Westfield SE (68.47sec) and Michael Clark's similar Westfield (69.21sec).

Sports Cars- Division 3 Marque Sports

The battle from the Queensland Sports Car Series hit the hill, with honours going to Hans Spits and his Datsun 240Z, who stole the win with his final run of 65.77sec. Doug Chapple finished second in his Mazda MX5 (65.91sec) then the almost out of control Gerry Geltch (67.25sec). John Carson's Triumph TR7 finished fourth in class (68.04sec), despite ending his weekend with a spin near the fire truck.

Fred Douglas was next (MGB, 68.18sec), then Bill Tottey (Anglia 68.20sec), Paul Redding (Anglia, 69.73sec) and Roy Reeve's Brock replica Austin A30 (75.07sec).

Sports Cars- Division 4 Marque Sports

Chris Hatfeild won the battle of the DBR's in his Cobra, with a fastest time of 65.65sec, which was set on his first of two runs on Saturday. Tim Tritton finished second in his GT40 replica (65.86sec), then Yvonne Stocks in Hatfield's Cobra (70.24sec), Denis Stone (Cobra, 72.31sec), Peter McCormack (Cobra, 73.99sec) and Dyane Hart (GT40, 75.39sec).

Touring Cars- Division 1 Historic N

John Kingcott took out the class win in his Ford Cortina GT with a fourth pass of 71.61sec, from Peter Herlihen (Ford Escort, 72.50sec), Kelly Kingcott (Escort, 80.48sec) and Damien Croston sharing Kelly Kingcott's Escort (82.89sec).

Touring Cars- Division 2 Historic N

Kevin Heffernan, driving father John's Torana GTR XU1 not only won the class, but also was classified as the fastest overall touring car on the weekend, with a 66.70sec pass on Sunday morning. His car was one of the fastest up the hill through the speed trap on Saturday morning, but later in the day he spun on the run out of point 4. Kerry Finn finished second in his similar Torana GTR XU1, with a time of 69.01sec. Jill Nelson pulled off one of the upsets of the meeting, toppling Darren Borg off the fastest Mini title, with a 69.36sec final pass. Borg's best time was a 69.47sec, was then followed by Luke Spark in another Morris Cooper S (70.11sec). In sixth was the Mini of Glen Carpenter with a time of 74.44sec, then John Heffernan, who took his car out on Sunday afternoon with a best time of 74.77sec.

Touring Cars- Division 1 Pre 1965 Run on Models

The first of the runners onto the track, Lance Collins set the quickest time for the class with a 72.48sec run in the Citroen Light 15. Gary Herron finished second (Ford Cortina GT, 70.84sec) from Craig Lind (Ford Cortina GT, 70.87sec), and Rob Pugh (Ford Cortina GT, 73.72sec). Rob Stewart rolled his Cortina on the exit of the turn six hairpin on his first run on Saturday morning, and the driver walked away.

Touring Cars- Division 2 Pre 1965 Run on Models

Bruce Warnett in a Morris Cooper S took home class honours with a run of 71.06sec, from Brian Falloon (Triumph 2.5 Pi, 71.40sec), and Ian Warnett sharing the winning Mini (78.38sec). Claude Ciccotelli did not complete his first run, after suffering the worst altercation with the scenery for the weekend. Ciccotelli's EH Holden got sideways exiting a corner early in the run, and nailed a large tree head on, square with the drivers side of the car. The car then spun across the circuit to a stop, where Ciccotelli was able to extricate himself from the stricken vehicle. He was however transported to hospital and released that night. Another competitor not to complete a run was Brian Gallwey (Mini).

Touring Cars- Division 3 Pre 1965 Run on Models

Enter the Mustangs! Jim Hodgson took home the prize with a 69.99sec pass in his1964 model. Phil Ross was second (1966 Mustang, 70.44sec), from Douglas Chippondale (1966 Mustang, 71.66sec), and Vince Whelan (1966 Mustang, 74.10sec).

Touring Cars- Division 1 Pre 1972

Now enter the Datsun 1600 rally cars! Graham Copeland set the fastest time in his H510 1800 SSS with a time of 67.41sec. In second position was Christopher Berry (1600, 67.95sec), then Chris McIllwain (1600, 71.24sec), Andrew Hinz (1600, 71.52sec), Ian McIllwain (1600, 71.80sec) and Steve Kippen (1600, 73.58sec).

Touring Cars- Division 2 Pre 1972

Ethan Lind took out class honours in the Ford Cortina 240 with a time of best time of 68.69sec, from Sean Sorrenen's Escort (71.35sec), Arthur Laurenson's Escort (71.47sec), Mike Collins' Ford Cortina GT (72.86sec), Alan Greenbury's Ford Cortina GT (75.59sec) and sharing Mike Collins Cortina, Tricia Collins (77.32sec).

Touring Cars- Division 3 Pre 1972

This class featured the 3-way shootout between Steve Johnson, Dick Johnson and Denis Brown in Darryl Bray's Ford Lotus Cortina Mk 2. For the record, Steve won with a time of 68.60sec (2nd in class) from Dick (68.92sec, 3rd in class) and Brown (70.40sec, 5th in class). Robert Van Wegen won the class in his BMW 2002 Coupe with a time of 67.67sec. Brian Whelan finished fourth in his BMW 2002 (70.30sec), while Don Milner finished sixth in his Triumph Dolomite (70.54sec) followed by Peter Martin (BMW 2002, 70.65sec).

Touring Cars- Division 4 Pre 1972

Robin Yee, driving a 1968 Ford Mustang to a time of 68.03sec, took out the hotly contested muscle car section. In second was Paul Tilley (Ford Falcon XWGT, 69.47sec), then John Wishart (Holden Torana GTR XU1, 69.96sec) who finished the weekend on a tilt tray after glancing the wall early on in his third run. In fourth position was Mike Lightfoot (Ford Mustang, 70.71sec), who spun out on his second run on Saturday after hitting oil dropped from the Axtell Suzuki. Luckily the car was saved from serious damage, but it was parked in a precarious position, which needed the assistance of a tow.

In fifth was Reg Wheeler (Holden Torana GTR XU1, 70.85sec), another to nearly come unstuck when he had a massive lockup just before the grandstand on Saturday. Next was the Ford Falcon GT of Paul Huett (72.13sec), Shane Cowham's Ford Mustang (72.24sec), Joshua Lightfoot's Ford Falcon XR GT (72.38sec), Mark Winter's Ford Falcon GTHO (72.84sec), Keith Boult's Ford Falcon GT (73.75sec), Jamie Chant's Ford Falcon XYGT (74.04sec) and Ken Oliver's Holden Monaro GTS 327 (78.55sec).

Invited Cars

Bruce Simpson (Porsche 930) won the class in a very impressive 63.09sec, on his first run on Saturday morning. Graeme Adair finished second in class in his mean Leyland P76 (64.12sec), followed then by John Cetinich (Triumph Stag, 66.37sec), Duncan MacKellar (Porsche Turbo, 66.51sec), Kel Everson (Holden Torana LX Hatch, 68.84sec), Murray Goschnick (Ford Falcon XB, 69.13sec), Allan Blundell (MGR V8, 71.15sec), Tom Veale (Jaguar XJS, 71.45sec), Steven Fawcett (MGC V8, 71.90sec), Geoff Ogilvie (Leyland P76 Targa Flurro, 72.16sec), Tony Gould (MGB GT V8, 72.80sec), Stuart Everett (Triumph TR7 V8, 74.89sec), Jane Veale (Jaguar XJS, 87.87sec).


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