Shannons Historic Racing and Classic Car Festival

<pre> Shannons Historic Racing and Classic Car Festival Queensland Raceway 28-29th July Group N Historic Touring Cars With over 60 entries for the weekend, the races had to be run in two separate groups. Using circuit A, it was Steve Emson ...

Shannons Historic Racing and Classic Car Festival

<pre> Shannons Historic Racing and Classic Car Festival Queensland Raceway 28-29th July

Group N Historic Touring Cars

With over 60 entries for the weekend, the races had to be run in two separate groups. Using circuit A, it was Steve Emson who scorched through qualifying to gain yet another pole position in his Falcon GTHO. Laurie Donaher returned once again from New South Wales, and set the second fastest time in his '69 Ford Mustang. Third on the grid was the BMW 2002 of John McKeon, sadly however, he was unable to race after extensively damaging the car in a big qualifying roll at turn one.

Don Thallon (Chevy Nova) qualified in fourth position, followed by the first of the Toranas, Matt Jackson, who beat John English (Valiant E49) and another New South Welshman, Steve Mason (Mustang).

In the first race, Matt Jackson coughed and spluttered off the line, which forced the low qualifying Allen Boughen (Falcon XT GT) wide into the dirt. Steve Emson made it into the lead early, and started to draw away, and finished easily ahead of Donaher, English, Mason, Thallon, former rally driver Bruce Dummett (Torana), and then Boughen.

Donaher made a much better start, and passed Emson around the outside of the first turn, with Matt Jackson in third. Emson however hit back, and made it past under brakes for the third turn. Ken Nelson (Mini Cooper S) spun at turn two, while Boughen made it past Mason entering the first turn, but after seeing the yellow flags, he let the Mustang back by.

Emson went on to take an easy win from Donaher, Matt Jackson, Thallon, Mason, Boughen and the Holden Monaro of Gary Jackson.

The third race on Sunday morning, was yet another Emson-Donaher affair, with the pair driving into the distance. English claimed third, followed by Matt Jackson, Boughen, Gary Jackson, and Mason. Thallon was right in the big battle for third position, but spun down the field on the last lap.

The Jack Lacey Memorial Trophy race was held on Sunday afternoon, but English was a non-starter with clutch dramas. Emson once again won the start, and put a big gap between himself and Donaher. Matt Jackson was in third position after the start, but was adjudged to have left too early, and was forced down the order after his stop-go penalty. He later retired on the main straight. Another driver to face the wrath of the officials was Thallon, again having jumped the start.

Both Dummett and Kerry Finn (Torana) spun exiting the final turn. Emson went on to claim an easy win, from Donaher, Mason, Boughen, Dummett, Greg Burrowes (Torana) and Gary Jackson.

For those who did not qualify in the top 30, or receive on of the six positions in the main race, which were awarded at the organiser's discretion, four consolation races were run.

In the first race, Gary Michael (EH Holden) had a tremendous race with Darren Borg (Mini Cooper S), and just held on for victory. Ian Lees (Torana) claimed third, followed by the similar car of Warren Tegg. Charles Gruber (Austin Cooper S) led home Luke Spark's Mini Cooper S.

In the second encounter, Borg won the start, and lead, until Tom Cumpston rolled his Cortina at the first turn, which brought the race to a halt. Mike McGee's Mini was also involved. Once the cars were removed from the circuit, and racing recommenced, it was Borg battling with David Wheatley (Morris Cooper S). Their battle was finally resolved when Borg eventually forged ahead. At the finish, Lees came in third position, from Kev Moore (EH Holden), Brad Stratton (Morris Cooper S), Spark, and Tegg.

On Sunday morning, Borg once again won, from Wheatley, Stratton, Tegg, Moore and Lionel Ayres (Lotus Cortina).

Later in the day, Spark sat on pole position, but was led around on the first lap by Ayres and Stratton. Jeff Brazier (Fiat 1500) and Ayres however both received the black flag for jumping the start. The Mini train was then formed; containing Stratton, Spark, Bill Westerman, Rhonda Burrowes, Bob Sudall, and Bob Watson. Stratton won, with a photo finish for second between Steve Land (Capri, who charged through from the rear of the field) Spark, and Westerman, who were three wide over the line. Sudall was next, followed by Burrowes, Watson, Fred Sayers, Allan Eisman (Capri) and the repaired car of Tom Cumpston, who rolled in qualifying.

There was also a very large Mini turn, mainly due to the all-Mini Fred Sayers Trophy race. Local hope Ken Nelson spun at turn one, as did newcomer to circuit racing Matt McGrath, after fighting for the lead at various stages. Henry Draper went on to take an easy win from Gruber, Borg, Nelson, Stratton, Wheatley, and Westerman.

Group O, Q & R Historic Racing and Sports Racing Cars

A large interstate contingent boosted the field, resulted in a quality entry list. Chris Farrell qualified his March 73B on the pole position, ahead of Jason Clements (Ralt RT4), Richard Carter (March 73B), Michael Henderson (March 722), Craig Smith (Cheetah Mk8) and Colin Haste (Lola T560).

Saturday's first race was taken out by Clements, followed home by Carter and Farrell, who were close at the finish. Haste came home in fourth, then Les Wright (Brabham Buick BT21) and Paul Hamilton (Elfin 600). Henderson spun out of the running for the lead, while Smith pitted.

Later in the day, Carter's second race suffered a set back when he went straight on at the turn three cross over. Clements won the start, and led Henderson and Smith. Smith made it past Henderson, and moved in on Clements, while Farrell attacked Henderson. Jacob Stecher bunkered his Kaditcha in the turn six sand trap late in the race. Clements eventually won from Smith, Henderson, Farrell, Haste, Ian Ross (Elfin 360), Wright, and Carter.

Clements also continued his winning ways in the first of the Sunday races, from Smith, Carter, Henderson, Haste, Hamilton and Ross. Farrell retired on the penultimate lap.

The final race for the day was a highly entertaining affair, with many positions changing hands throughout the race. Carter wound up taking the win from Farrell, Clements, Smith, Haste, Wright and Hamilton.

2A, 2B and 2C Racing Sports Cars

Dave Barram (ASP) claimed pole position from John Campbell (Hooper), Grant Watson (Prosport Pentium), Peter Hill (Bulant) and John McKeon (Datsun).

Campbell took an easy victory in the first race after Barram had a slight off, but rejoined to claim second position. Hill took a lonely third position, while McKeon was a lonely fourth, from Bill Sherwood (Saidor), who had charged through from the rear of the field. Next over the line was the Porsche of Russell Kempnich, then Vern Hamilton (Bulant), Colin Bernville-Claye (Fraser Clubman). Watson didn't figure in the results after problems with the differential.

In the late race, Smeaton and Sherwood made good starts from the rear of the grid, to be about half way through the field by the cross over on the first lap. At the front the order were Barram, Watson and Campbell. Campbell made it by Watson at turn six, but the Prosport made it back by going down the straight. Hill squeezed by McKeon at turn three, while Barram spun at the same corner in the dying stages of the race. Campbell just held on for victory over Watson, Barram, Hill, McKeon, Smeaton, Sherwood, then Bernville-Claye and Vern Hamilton, who had a classic race long battle.

Early on Sunday morning, Barram led away from Campbell and Watson. Kempnich spun at turn three, while Hill, Sherwood and Smeaton battled to make up ground on the leaders. On the last lap, through the lapped traffic, Watson made it by Campbell, to finish second behind Barram. Sherwood came home in fourth, ahead of Hill, Smeaton and Hamilton.

Watson jumped the start of the final, and feature race of the weekend, which allowed Barram to lead from Campbell, until Barram went off track at turn two. Watson, driving hard to make up ground, spun through the four-five complex. Kempnich also had a big off track lose in the same area, while Smeaton made it into second position after battling with Hill.

Campbell had a 30 second lead, but started to back off. In the closing stages, all attention was on Smeaton, Sherwood, Hill and Watson, who were having a big battle. At the finish, Campbell won by 17 seconds, from Smeaton, Sherwood, Hill, Watson, Bernville-Claye, Hamilton and McKeon.

Groups J, K, L, M & O Don Thallon (Cooper Climax T53) took pole position, ahead of Ian Pope (Lolita BMC), Ray Kenny (Thompson Ford Mk1), and Doug Anderson (Elfin Catalina).

After a slow start, Thallon stormed through to take the lead and win the first race, from Kenny, Pope, Anderson and Damien Croston (Nota KM200). In the second race, Thallon made another sluggish start, but was able to blast back by into the lead by turn one. Kenny and Anderson were eliminated with one-minute penalties for jumping the start. Thallon cruised to victory, from Pope, Anderson, Dick Willis (Gladiator Sports), Paul Samuels (Lotus 15) and Croston.

Sunday morning started out with a handicap race, and with Thallon giving the tailenders nearly a lap head start. Pope won, with Thallon on his tail, from Samuels, Anderson, Willis, Mick Arnold (Ford V8 Special) and Greg Neal (Plymouth Special).

With Thallon a non-starter for the finale, Pope was on his own on the front row, and he made a big lead for himself before being black-flagged. Anderson was all over Samuels for second position, and made it past on the outside of turns four and five through the lapped traffic. However, Samuels flied back by going down the straight into turn six and held onto win. Anderson finished second from Pope, Croston, Willis, Neal and Dick Vermuelen (Ford V8 Special).

Group S Production Sports Cars

John Evens (Lotus Super Seven) won pole position, from Greg King (MGB), Noel Bryen (Morgan + 4 S/S) and Kevin Smeaton (TVR 5000 M).

Smeaton took out the opening race, from Bryen, Denis Elborn (Morgan + 8), David Whitehouse (Note Fang), King, Ian Barberie (Turner Sports Mk11), and Mark Alchin (Morgan + 4).

Evens hit back in the second race, after a race long battle with Bryen, King, Elborn, Whitehouse and Smeaton. Smeaton led at the start of the final lap, but ran wide at the third turn, and then spun exiting turn five.

It was another Evens-Bryen-King podium for the Sunday morning race. Evens at one stage had a big lead, but he dropped back at the finish. It was an eventful race for Smeaton and Elborn, who spun on the fourth lap. Whitehouse came over the finish line in fourth, followed by Barberie, Alchin and Peter Goodwin (MGB Roadster).

The last race was the Queensland Tourist Trophy, which not only featured the Group S cars, but also Groups Lb, M, O, Q and R. Max Brunninghausen (Chevron B8 GT) won the start, but immediately had to soak a lot of pressure from Ian Ross (Elfin), who eventually made it past and ran away with the race. Brunninghausen later in the race, after running wide at turn four, Alan Morrin (Matich SR4B) made it past for second. Brunninghausen then dropped back down the order. At the finish it was Ross from Morrin, Malcolm Miller (ASP Clubman), Pope and Samuels.


Regularity Trial Results

Group 1

1st Trial -- 1st Frank Moore (Tornado), 2nd Noel Paterson (Triumph TR 6), 3rd Stuart Everett (Triumph TR7). 2nd Trial -- 1st Paul Mathwin (Sunbeam Tiger), 2nd John Walker (Sharp Holden), 3rd Barry Soanes (MGB). 3rd Trial -- 1st Walker, 2nd Denis Stone (Jaguar SS100), 3rd Terry Hanly (Nedelko Special). 4th Trial -- 1st Moore, 2nd Bob Bear (MGB), 3rd Paterson.

Group 2

1st Trial -- 1st Alan Watson (Jaguar E Type), 2nd Robert Buckley (Porsche Carrera), 3rd Harvey Black. 2nd Trial -- 1st Watson, 2nd Greg Craig (Toyota Corolla), 3rd Andrew Crawford (Datsun 240Z). 3rd Trial -- 1st Adam Harris (Alfa Romeo 105), 2nd John Taylor (Ford Mustang), 3rd Allan Saunderson (Ford Cortina GT). 4th Trial -- 1st Buckley, 2nd Craig Rodgers (Ford Falcon Cobra XC), 3rd Lawrie Watson (Ford Mustang).

- By Mark Walker

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