Brabham 'feels horrible' for role in Davison crash

Matt Brabham says he "feels horrible" for the contact on Alex Davison that sparked the race-ending S5000 shunt at Sandown.

James Golding, Garry Rogers Motorsport leads Rubens Barrichello, Team BRM as Alex Davison suffers a crash

Davison walked away from a huge hit midway through today's race, bouncing off both sides of the wall on the back straight.

The frightening crash was triggered by rear contact from Matt Brabham, who had been tucked behind Davison on the way out of Turn 4.

Brabham was quick to recognise his role in the crash, saying that he felt "horrible" for the contact, despite it not being deliberate.

"First thing, I hope he is alright," said Brabham.

"It was one of those things. I had a really big run on him and we came through the right-hander and I was starting to go left and then he naturally went to the left as well coming out of the corner. I was just waiting for him to pick a line as I had such a big run. 

"I was going to go wherever he didn’t go, and then as he came across to the left I decided to go right to try and get a run.

"As we crossed paths the front of my nose just touched the crash box that sticks out really far. It just nicked it enough to send him into the wall.

"I just feel horrible as he is such a good guy.  

"It is not like I just punted him up the back. I definitely didn’t do it deliberately. I didn't feel it, but I know he didn’t just go hard left into the wall..."

Davison, meanwhile, was left both unhurt by the impact and unimpressed with Brabham.

"I'm completely fine, I'm just disappointed for [promoter] ARG and S5000," he said.

"I was driving along in a straight line, we'd just got through the kink and Matt hit me from behind. I was a passenger after that. 

"It's disappointing that a guy like that forgot that the gas pedal goes backwards as well as forwards."

Davison added that the fact he walked away proves the move to the Onroak-Ligier chassis was a smart one.

"I'm probably talking it down because it didn't hurt," he said. 

"I have no pain. It's a testament to the cars. 

"Safety has obviously been a big priority, and the reason they went to the Onroak-Ligier chassis. From that side of things, I've been a crash test dummy."


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